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Trust Marketing Framework - Who Owns What? // Local Marketing Insider #075

6 MIN READ | February 14, 2024

If you haven’t heard this before then, well, I’m no good at my job.

Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Local Marketing Insider

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Do Automotive Brands' Super Bowl Ads Match Their Online Reputations?

6 min read | February 15, 2024
Four automakers signed the $7M check for an ad slot last night: Toyota, BMW, Kia and Volkswagen. Does their customer feedback support their ad ambitions?
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Trust Marketing Framework - Who Owns What? // Local Marketing Insider #075

6 min read | February 14, 2024
The Trust Marketing Framework is a detailed playbook multi-location businesses can use to build positivity surrounding their brand in an era where trust is built...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

5 Automotive Industry Stats from Customer Review Data

6 min read | January 31, 2024
Discover the driving forces behind automotive customer reviews with these 5 standout stats from Widewail’s 2023 Voice of the Customer Report, which analyzes review data to...
Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

Do This One Thing When Launching a Newsletter // Local Marketing Insider #074

6 min read | January 24, 2024
A brief guide to newsletter formatting with a tactic you can put to use right away.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Local Marketing Insider #073 // A Low-Risk Way to Work Faster and Save with AI Image Tools

6 min read | January 12, 2024
The simple way Widewail uses AI in marketing imagery
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Widewail’s Data-Backed Content Marketing Strategy // Local Marketing Insider #072

7 min read | December 27, 2023
Good data provides instant credibility. It’s the ultimate marketing slingshot. Today’s LMI highlights the data-backed playbook we are employing at Widewail. Use it to guide...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

How to Find the Right Reputation Management Company

10 min read | December 21, 2023
Shopping for the top reputation monitoring service? Here's the important information to consider when making the best choice for your business.
Keaton Smith Review Response Specialist

How to Repair Your Company's Online Reputation Performance

9 min read | December 20, 2023
Learn about the metrics that contribute to your company's online reputation performance and use these strategies to manage or repair how you score.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Introducing: 2023 Voice of the Customer Report

2 min read | December 14, 2023
Widewail’s first annual Voice of the Customer Report dives deep into the minds of today’s automotive customers. The report utilizes Widewail’s extensive dataset combined with...
Team Widewail Team Widewail

This Email Strategy Skillfully Combats Long Wait Times // Local Marketing Insider #071

4 min read | December 6, 2023
How one shoe company navigates 2 months from purchase to delivery.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

15 Strategies to Increase and Get More Google Reviews

33 min read | November 21, 2023
Get more Google reviews: 15 strategies for local reputation management. Tips and tactics on how to increase your Google review volume and star rating.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

OpenAI Keynote For Local Marketers // Local Marketing Insider #070

7 min read | November 21, 2023
45 mins distilled, 2 products & 3 features to know
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Local Marketing Insider

Bite-sized, to-the-point, trend-driven local marketing stories and tactics.