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Hair Salon Case Study: Increase in Google Reviews by 573% in First 60 Days

It takes grit to start a new business in the midst of a global pandemic. The power of social...

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Hair Salon Case Study: Increase in Google Reviews by 573% in First 60 Days

It takes grit to start a new business in the midst of a global pandemic. The power of social proof doesn't hurt, either. Combine the two and you've got a winning combination as evidenced by our...

7 Digital Strategies Local Businesses Can Use to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

  As a local business owner, you know that customer retention is important. In fact, studies show that repeat customers spend 3x more than first-time customers and are 50% more likely to refer...

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  We are pleased to announce our partnership with EmpowerFi, bringing the power of high-touch reputation management services to credit unions across the United States.

6 Tactics Savvy Credit Unions Are Using to Generate Hundreds of Reviews a Month

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3 Fantastic Examples of Social Proof Local Businesses Can Emulate

  Your job as a local marketer is to prove it. “We are the best credit union in town” is great, but can you back it up? Using social proof is to use the words of your customers to prove how good...

Reviews more important than traditional ads? AutoSuccess Podcast 676

Whether managing in-house, or outsourcing to a trusted vendor, online customer business review management must be a mission-critical focus for every dealership's digital marketing efforts in 2020...

Read if You Sell a Product Over $100 - Why Expensive Products Get More Reviews

  For most of us, the decision to buy an expensive product is a big one. It is a process that takes time, effort, and most importantly, resources. 

Your Customers Want You to Text Them. Really.

One question on every business owner’s mind is how to best reach their customers. Mailers, social media posts, email campaigns, radio advertisements, and live chat boxes are all accepted modes of...

Widewail Launches Review Management Customer Case Studies

You can read local ranking factor surveys, you can take a vendor's word for it - but wouldn't you rather see the tangible benefits of a review management strategy in action?  

7 Ways to Bring Authenticity to Your Review Response

Here at Widewail we have always believed in the power of review response. More than that, we’ve stressed the importance of responding to reviews in a genuine, human way. Doing so increases your...

Try This Technique When Responding to Positive Reviews (Example from Google)

You know what good customer service is. The same applies online.

Do Customer Reviews Really Influence Organic Rankings?

You've already heard that a business's GMB activity, particularly customer reviews, can significantly affect local organic keyword rankings for the better.