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How to Avoid 6 Common Review Response Mistakes

7 MIN READ | September 8, 2021

Judging by the fact that you’re here reading this article, you’ve likely already found yourself staring at a challenging review, cursor blinking, filled with indecision.

Colleen Bierschenk Colleen Bierschenk

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Local Marketing Insider #016 // Review Benchmarks Revisited

5 min read | September 15, 2021
Widewail's review benchmarks revisited for 2021. We explore developments in average review volume, ratings and more.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

How to Avoid 6 Common Review Response Mistakes

7 min read | September 8, 2021
A great review response benefits from some guardrails - so I’ve put together 6 review response mistakes to avoid to get you started. Learn how to respond to even the most...
Colleen Bierschenk Colleen Bierschenk

Local Marketing Insider #015 // You'll Regret Review Gating

6 min read | August 31, 2021
Why you'll regret "review gating", and why it's not necessary to succeed.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

This One Important Factor Drives Both Customer Satisfaction AND Dissatisfaction

5 min read | August 30, 2021
After examining 10,000 customer reviews we've discovered a curious pattern: a singular concept drives both satisfaction AND dissatisfaction simultaneously.
Keaton Smith Keaton Smith

Free Advertising: Can Online Reviews Really Boost Sales?

8 min read | August 24, 2021
Think of online reviews as the first domino to fall in the series of events from awareness to conversion. The more positive online reviews you generate, the lower your cost...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Local Marketing Insider #014 // How to Mine Reviews for Untapped Marketing Insights

7 min read | August 18, 2021
Discover your next great marketing insight from the language used by your customers. Pull phrases and insights from customer feedback sources.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

What “The Imitation Game” Can Teach Us About Authentic Google Review Responses

5 min read | August 15, 2021
Your customers will always know when they’re being written to by a bot. Only one computer has passed "The Turing Test". Ever.
Keaton Smith Keaton Smith

Widewail's Approach to Customer Service

3 min read | August 13, 2021
Widewail CEO, Matt Murray, explains how Widewail thinks about growth and maintaining great client relationships.
Matt Murray Founder & CEO


4 min read | August 11, 2021
Integration enables hospitality operators to seamlessly connect guest data and review insights.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

How Companies Turn Negative Online Reviews into Positive Experiences

7 min read | August 6, 2021
Learn core techniques that will help your single or multi-location local business manage negative reviews so they help, rather than hurt.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Local Marketing Insider #013 // The Peak-End Rule

4 min read | August 3, 2021
Backed by behavioral science research, it turns out we don't remember experiences as a sum of all moments. We remember the emotional peak and the end. Learn this concept to...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

How to Repair Your Company's Online Reputation Performance

7 min read | August 2, 2021
Learn about the metrics that contribute to your company's online reputation performance and use these strategies to manage or repair how you score.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

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