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Short-Term Vs. Long-Term Reputation Management Strategies

7 min read | July 22, 2024
Learn to balance short and long-term brand management strategies, then apply these effective tips and tactics to improve your online reputation.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

How Reputation Management Can Drive Advocacy & Power the Flywheel

11 min read | July 15, 2024
Learn how Hubspot's Flywheel marketing model for growth can be powered by reputation management and complimented by content and the Brand Mosaic concept.
Jake Hughes Director of Marketing

3 Reasons Prospects Don’t Trust Your Reviews

5 min read | July 10, 2024
Why prospects might not trust your reviews and how to build credibility. Personalize responses, maintain review frequency and embrace negative feedback for authentic trust...
Ellie Guyon Review Response Specialist

What is the Ideal Average Google Review Star Rating?

7 min read | June 28, 2024
Is 5/5 the average Google review star rating your business should be shooting for? Learn to manage expectations and how customers interpret different levels.
Jane Garfinkel Product Manager

How to Report a Google Review

18 min read | June 20, 2024
How do you report / remove a Google review? How should you time responses and follow-up appeals? Our hands-on experience will give you a fighting chance.
Jane Garfinkel Product Manager

How Residential Tours Can Help Drive Positive Reviews

7 min read | June 14, 2024
Hone your multifamily marketing and review generation strategies during the tour stage of the resident lifecycle.
Ellie Guyon Review Response Specialist

10 Online Reputation Management Metrics You Should Start Tracking Today

14 min read | June 6, 2024
Learn why the ongoing monitoring of these reputation management-related metrics is an opportunity which should not be overlooked. But often is.
Jane Garfinkel Product Manager

How AI is Transforming Online Reviews into Actionable Business Intelligence

7 min read | May 17, 2024
Learn how AI is revolutionizing the way businesses extract valuable insights from online reviews to turn customer feedback into actionable intelligence.
Kyle Gagnon Kyle Gagnon

What is Enterprise Reputation Management?

7 min read | May 10, 2024
Learn the definition, what reputation management means for your enterprise, and how to protect, monitor and improve your corporate-level brand reputation.
Ellie Guyon Review Response Specialist

How to Handle a Mass Fake Online Review Spam Event

6 min read | April 15, 2024
Learn how to mitigate and resolve a variety of online and Google review spam scenarios to protect your company’s reputation.
Colleen Bierschenk Review Response Specialist

15 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation for Property Management Marketers

16 min read | March 22, 2024
Get more Property Management reviews: Customer feedback is crucial in PM and multifamily marketing. Learn to leverage social proof as part of your strategy.
Team Widewail Team Widewail

Are Electric Car Brands Rated Worse Than Traditional Gas Cars?

7 min read | February 29, 2024
Uncover how EV brands stack up in the automotive industry with these unique insights from customer review data.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

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