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Local Marketing Insider #022 // What is Trust Marketing?

7 min read | December 8, 2021
A Trust Marketing strategy is to capture and distribute customer feedback to positively shape the broader message around your company through the words of your customers....
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Introducing Invite Video: Five Favorite Features

6 min read | December 1, 2021
Invite Video for collecting customer video reviews is packed with features that will turn your CRM into a visual testimonial generating machine.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

10 Questions You Can Ask to Turn a Good Video Review Into a Great One

7 min read | November 29, 2021
Video reviews and testimonials increase conversions via social proof. Here are 10 seed questions to ensure past customers leave feedback relevant to your future prospects.
Abby Leathers Review Response Specialist

8 Places to Share Customer Testimonial Videos

10 min read | November 24, 2021
Video reviews: what are the best places to use them to your marketing advantage? Here are some impactful places you can share your customer testimonial videos to increase...
Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

Local Marketing Insider #021 // The Brand Mosaic

4 min read | November 22, 2021
At Widewail, we believe in the power of the "Brand Mosaic." When we think about the journey of your next customer on the way to purchase, is their experience generally...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Six User-Generated Content (UGC) Videos to Inspire Your Next Campaign

10 min read | November 17, 2021
Your future customers are looking for easy ways to make a trustworthy decision. UGC videos offer a way to establish trust in a more reliable and authentic way. We’ve compiled...
Colleen Bierschenk Review Response Specialist

Local Marketing Insider #020 // Why is social proof so persuasive?

7 min read | November 9, 2021
In Local Marketing Insider #020, part three of our four-part series on trust, we cover the three reasons social proof is so persuasive.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile: Everything You Need to Know Today and Long-Term

7 min read | November 8, 2021
Google My Business has rebranded. Find details, what to expect in terms of GMB platform changes and the reasons for the switch to GBP.
Dave Pye Director of Search

PRESS RELEASE: Widewail Announces Integration with The Campaign Registry

3 min read | November 2, 2021
Integration will advance consumer messaging protection. A2C 10DLC registration = fewer blocked messages for Widewail Clients.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Local Marketing Insider #019 // What is Distributed Trust?

4 min read | October 26, 2021
In Local Marketing Insider issue #019 we introduce the academic concept of "distributed trust" and what it means for your marketing.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Local Marketing Insider #018 // What is trust in the digital age?

4 min read | October 12, 2021
Part one of our four-part series on trust. How should we define trust? Is trust different now with technology?
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

New Case Study: Jack's Abby Increases Restaurant Review Volume by 1494% Using Widewail's Invite

1 min read | October 8, 2021
Widewail’s “Invite” and “Engage” online reputation management solutions help a local restaurant to dramatically increase monthly customer review volume.
Dave Pye Director of Search

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