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8 Ways to Get More Google Reviews of Your Products

10 min read | February 15, 2023
Looking to get more Google reviews? Whether a single-person shop, or a nationwide chain, here are 8 proven DIY product review generation strategies.
Keaton Smith Review Response Specialist

PRESS RELEASE: BH Management Services Partners with Widewail to Centralize Reputation Management

6 min read | February 14, 2023
Widewail strategy, software, and processes significantly improve resident and pre-resident experience.
Team Widewail Team Widewail

Local Marketing Insider LIVE Video Channel // Local Marketing Insider #052

16 min read | February 8, 2023
Video channel release and seven videos worth watching.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Listing Management Challenges: Avoid Duplicates, Represent all of Your Departments, and Make Updates at Scale

11 min read | February 6, 2023
How to ensure your business listings are accurate across the internet and optimized for search and conversion
Keaton Smith Review Response Specialist

Management Takeover: Reputation Management Strategies Dealerships Need to Consider During a Merger or Acquisition

11 min read | February 2, 2023
Reputation management strategy should not be overlooked in the chaos of management change. These tactics build trust and can make a transition successful.
Keaton Smith Review Response Specialist

18 Questions You Can Ask to Turn a Good Video Review Into a Great One

10 min read | January 30, 2023
Video testimonials increase conversions via social proof. Here are 18 video review seed questions to ensure customer feedback relevant to future prospects.
Abby Leathers Review Response Specialist

Review-led Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding - Part 6: Real-World Examples of Employer Branding

9 min read | January 27, 2023
Trust marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some ways it can look in a recruiting strategy.
Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

Apple Business Connect // Local Marketing Insider #051

5 min read | January 24, 2023
Last week Apple launched its refreshed local business profile tool, Apple Business Connect. Learn what's new and what's not.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Listings-Powered Growth: How Maintaining and Optimizing Online Business Listings Can Increase Revenue

7 min read | January 23, 2023
Tracking all of your listings online and keeping them up to date can have a direct impact on your bottom line by getting more customers in the door.
Keaton Smith Review Response Specialist

Review-led Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding - Part 5: How to Launch an Employer Brand in a New City/Location

7 min read | January 18, 2023
Working your way into a new talent pool is the perfect time to reconsider how you are building trust among job seekers in your location.
Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

Review-led Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding - Part 4: Tips for Responding to Reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed

8 min read | January 12, 2023
Responding to every review is valuable for building trust with your current employees, prospective employees, and search engines alike.
Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

Local Marketing Insider #050 // Beyond the Basics: 3 Essential Trust Marketing Concepts to Win Over Customers

7 min read | January 11, 2023
Trust Marketing isn't just about reviews. Here are 3 key Trust Marketing concepts that go beyond mainstream thinking.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

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