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I’m a New Jersey native who joined the Widewail team during my brief stint in Burlington. Now living in Jersey City, I currently serve as the Response Team Lead and Content Specialist. My background is in writing and my work has been published by Thrillist, Reductress, McSweeneys, The Rumpus, and more. I occasionally update my own blog No Meat, Some Potatoes, and in my free time I hang out with my dog Jake.

How to Nest Department Listings on Google My Business

8 min read | March 3, 2021
Managing a single Google My Business page might seem like enough work, but Google offers some businesses the option to add additional pages. In this article, we will...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

6 Online Reputation Management Metrics You Should Start Tracking Today

8 min read | February 24, 2021
You’ve set up your Google My Business page, you monitor your social media sites, and you ask customers to post a review after they make a purchase.
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

Your Customers Want You to Text Them. Really.

6 min read | December 3, 2020
One question on every business owner’s mind is how to best reach their customers. Mailers, social media posts, email campaigns, radio advertisements, and live chat boxes...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

7 Ways to Bring Authenticity to Your Review Response

6 min read | December 1, 2020
Here at Widewail we have always believed in the power of review response. More than that, we’ve stressed the importance of responding to reviews in a genuine, human way....
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

15 Lessons After Responding to 270,000 Online Reviews

12 min read | October 2, 2020
Hey all, this is Jane. In the nearly two years I’ve worked at Widewail, I’ve responded to over 50,000 online reviews. 
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

Automotive Customer Service Trends in the Age of Coronavirus

4 min read | July 13, 2020
Change is upon us. Since March, Forty-six percent of consumers are spending an additional four hours a day on their phones, and localized, auto-industry-specific searches...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

No Response Is a Response: The Hard Truth About Ignoring Your Customers

4 min read | June 19, 2020
If you wished someone a good morning and they ignored you, you would be offended. Why? For one, it’s rude. And in a way, no response is a response. By not returning your...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

Google My Business During COVID-19: What's Changed

5 min read | March 31, 2020
By Jane Garfinkel - Review Response Specialist
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

Widewail vs. Review Management

5 min read | March 13, 2020
Formerly known as ReputationDefender, is a leading online reputation management company headquartered in Redwood City, California. In 2011 it changed its...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

Yext Review Response Features | Yext vs. Widewail

5 min read | February 10, 2020
Yext is a New York-based technology company that specializes in online brand marketing. Founded in 2006, they primarily assist businesses with updating online directory...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

What is the Ideal Google Review Rating? (Hint: It's Surprisingly Low)

4 min read | January 17, 2020
Not all online reviews are created equally. There are glowing reviews, libelous reviews, straightforward reviews, funny reviews, and more. With Facebook as a notable...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

Negative Reviews? 5 Things Not To Do

4 min read | November 22, 2019
The dreaded negative review. A one or two-star rating on your Google My Business or Facebook page can evoke disappointment, frustration, and even outrage. Before...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

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