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    Invite Video

    Victorious with Video

    Turn your CRM into an always-on video testimonial generating machine with Invite Video™. Empower your marketing team to convert more prospects to buyers with video social proof.

    “There really is no better option in reputation management or review generation than Widewail”
    -Jake Barron | Marketing Director, Koons Automotive Group

    What if new video testimonial content was no longer a luxury, but an expectation?

    Imagine what your business could do with 5, 10, or 20
    new customer testimonials a month, every month.

    Collect great video testimonials

    Gather lots of user-generated video content and use your customer’s own words to help convert future buyers.

    Save time with technology Automated software triggers video requests upon closed sale in your CRM. Let customers record themselves. No film crew, setup, or travel.
    Easy for your customers Testimonial videos can be recorded right on their mobile device, no downloads required. Invite Video guides your customers through every step of the process.
    Cheaper than professional video Get a whole library of user-generated videos for the cost of one professional video. You don't need to be stuck with one testimonial a year because of budget constraints. 
    We collect the videos, you pick the best ones Videos are submitted into Widewail's app, notifying your team of a new submission. Navigate to the app to view your new video content, downloading the best ones for use in your marketing.

    Trust sells

    Today we live in a world of distributed trust, where your customers trust their peers to help them make better buying decisions, far more than they trust advertising from your business. As a marketer or business owner you can use that to your advantage, delivering high-impact video review recommendations at key moments, increasing conversion.

    Share video social proof at the right moment to persuade and convert.

    Convert more visitors to leads and customers with video testimonials. Leverage high-impact testimonial video at key decision-making moments on product and landing pages to increase conversion up to 160%.

    More time promoting, less time producing.

    Empower your marketing team with great customer video testimonial content. Leave the grind behind. Video testimonials are no longer infrequent with expensive production costs. New content is delivered to you, month-in, month-out. Promote more, produce less. 80% of your marketing team’s time should be spent promoting content, but in reality, 80% of its time is spent creating the content in the first place. With Invite video, the content is delivered to your team, ready for promotion.


    A new approach to video

    The secret? Software vs. big-budget production crew.

    Fully integrated trust marketing suite

    Manage your entire trust marketing strategy with a single, integrated platform. Generate text and video reviews with SMS. Rely on our expert response team to support your team.

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    Put Widewail video testimonial generation to work for your business

    Enjoy month-to-month terms. Get started at a pace that works for you.

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