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Originally from Scarborough, Maine, I moved to Vermont after graduating from St. Lawrence University, where I received my BA in English and Spanish. I have always been interested in writing and communication, which is what initially drew me to the Review Response Specialist position at Widewail. In my spare time, I can be found reading, playing electric guitar, or strolling/biking around one of Burlington’s many scenic trails. I always welcome the opportunity to talk about my work, and invite anyone with questions or comments to reach out or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Reasons why you are losing Google reviews - and what to do about it

13 min read | April 12, 2024
There are a number of reasons Google reviews may suddenly disappear from your Google Business Profile. Here are a few along with ways to get them back.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

30 Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Local Business

18 min read | March 29, 2024
30 reasons why you should invest in a video marketing strategy for your local business.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

25 Best Free Marketing Newsletters in 2024

26 min read | March 20, 2024
Updated for 2024! 25 of the best free newsletters we recommend marketers and business owners subscribe to for great marketing insights and useful ideas.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

Maximizing Conversions: Video Content and Testimonials in Multifamily Marketing

12 min read | March 12, 2024
Leverage video and testimonials to elevate your multifamily marketing strategy and drive conversions.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

Are Electric Car Brands Rated Worse Than Traditional Gas Cars?

7 min read | February 29, 2024
Uncover how EV brands stack up in the automotive industry with these unique insights from customer review data.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

Will Offering Deals on Cars Increase Your Dealership’s Rating?

6 min read | February 23, 2024
Discover the impact of deals on dealership star ratings and learn strategies to enhance the customer experience.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

5 Automotive Industry Stats from Customer Review Data

6 min read | January 31, 2024
Discover the driving forces behind automotive customer reviews with these 5 standout stats from Widewail’s 2023 Voice of the Customer Report, which analyzes review data to...
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

Unlocking the Best Video Review Secrets

10 min read | October 2, 2023
How to successfully collect video reviews. These strategies will help you gather authentic and persuasive testimonials for your brand.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

30 Best Ways to Use and Share Your Google Review Link

17 min read | September 5, 2023
Creative places to share your Google review link to ask all of your customers for reviews, increase positive volume and improve your online reputation.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

Business Listings Management: Safeguarding your Business from Risks and Scams

6 min read | August 14, 2023
Effective business listings management goes beyond just online visibility - it can also serve as a crucial component of your business’s risk management strategy.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

The Most Common Negative Reviews For Auto Dealerships and How to Handle Them

12 min read | August 4, 2023
Explore effective strategies for responding to common negative reviews within the auto world, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement. Here are the...
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

How to Build Your Online Reputation for Lease-ups

10 min read | June 23, 2023
With these five tips, learn how to market and manage the online reputation of a new multifamily lease-up property.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

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