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    What is A2P 10DLC?

    10 min read | January 4, 2022
    “Application-to-person 10-digit long codes” should turn consumers toward your business, while you spend less.
    Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

    How I Use Descript to Edit Customer Testimonial Videos

    7 min read | December 20, 2021
    Descript is a simple tool to automatically transcribe and edit your videos. Here's how I use it to turn video testimonials from customers into shareable content.
    Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

    How to Automate Video Testimonial Collection

    5 min read | December 13, 2021
    Automated video testimonials, related to your product or service, increase consumer confidence and optimize your conversion rate exponentially. Let's get you started.
    Keaton Smith Keaton Smith

    3 Ways Video Marketing Can Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

    6 min read | December 9, 2021
    How do you create that perfect impression that's both engaging and enticing enough for consumers to move through the funnel? Copy and images are important, yes, but recently,...
    Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

    Introducing Invite Video: Five Favorite Features

    6 min read | December 1, 2021
    Invite Video for collecting customer video reviews is packed with features that will turn your CRM into a visual testimonial generating machine.
    Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

    10 Questions You Can Ask to Turn a Good Video Review Into a Great One

    7 min read | November 29, 2021
    Video reviews and testimonials increase conversions via social proof. Here are 10 seed questions to ensure past customers leave feedback relevant to your future prospects.
    Abby Leathers Abby Leathers

    8 Places to Share Customer Testimonial Videos

    10 min read | November 24, 2021
    Video reviews: what are the best places to use them to your marketing advantage? Here are some impactful places you can share your customer testimonial videos to increase...
    Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

    Five User Generated Content (UGC) Videos to Inspire Your Next Campaign

    7 min read | November 17, 2021
    User-generated video reviews provide social proof and supplement marketing strategies. Here's five of our favorite examples to spark your imagination.
    Colleen Bierschenk Colleen Bierschenk

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