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Rich Reputation Reporting.
Actionable Business Insights.

With detailed reputation reporting, natural language processing and Widewail AI-Assist, learn why, when and where your customers are satisfied.

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Surface Business Insights
from Reviews at Scale

Reporting - AI-Powered Insights That Drive Decisions

AI-Powered Insights That Drive Decisions

With natural language processing (NLP) and Widewail AI-Assist you can turn thousands of free-text reviews into digestible, clear insights that help you better understand your customers.

Scales With Your Organization – 1

Scales With Your Organization

Built for both the single-location operator and the group-level executive. Compare performance across locations in a single dashboard.

Topic Insights: Natural Language Processing + Widewail AI-Assist

See the sentiment analysis for your most-talked-about topics.

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Reporting - volume

Detailed Reputation Performance Insights

Track review volume by department, site and rating. Monitor review request conversion performance. Filter, tag and export review content for all of your review sites in one feed.

Reporting - Celebrate Team Performance – 1

Celebrate Team Performance

Quickly see which team members are delivering 5-star service. Representative data associated with review requests are tracked through to the review, giving you a full and reliable picture of the service provided by each member of your team.

ReportingBehind-The-Scenes Help from Widewail’s Managed Services Team – 1

Behind-The-Scenes Help from Widewail's Managed Services Team

In addition to programmatically tagged reviews, Widewail’s Managed Services Team helps to manually tag reviews to ensure detailed and accurate reporting.

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