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People-Powered Review Response Services

No bots here. Instead, a team of super-talented writers. Let Widewail do the heavy lifting with Engage™.

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Reliable and timely managed review response for local business

Reviews are constantly changing - defining and redefining your reputation daily. Our team monitors and responds quickly to customer engagements across your most powerful review sites - optimizing responses with brand keywords and alerting you when you need to jump into the conversation. You can trust Widewail to stay on top of your online review management so you can direct valuable in-house marketing efforts appropriately.

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We optimize responses for brand impact

Our keyword-rich approach makes us an industry leader. Each positive response tastefully incorporates keywords such as business name and product offerings. In other words, our responses read well while also providing Google with the information it needs to assess your business.

Multi-site review monitoring via technology platform


Never miss a review

The Widewail platform is designed to monitor and aggregate all of the digital interactions around your business, helping you to stay connected with your customers in real-time. Custom built, it arms our team with the tools needed to efficiently and effectively manage these engagements with your customers and prospects.


Upset customers deserve your direct management, with our support

Engage is a managed service, working in lock-step with your team. We send positive responses out immediately, but for less-than-satisfied customers, we require your help to provide thoughtful responses, in context with an upset customer’s visit. When a negative review is posted we will alert the appropriate people at your business via email and text with a suggested response plan. Our process ensures sensitive cases are handled in a timely manner with benchmark professionalism.

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Learn Review Response From 56 Real-World Examples

The smart local marketer's guide to responding to Google reviews. Lessons applied to examples pulled directly from our experience. Learn tactics to handle even the trickiest of reviews, like 1-star no comment or 4-star but unhappy.

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100% response rate to all of your reviews in 24 hours, often within minutes

In most cases, our team will author responses to all of your reviews the same business day as posted. Positive review responses are sent out immediately, while suggested responses to negative reviews are sent to your team for review and approval. When dealing with negative reviews, a fast response from your business or our Facebook and Google review management service will give you the highest probability of problem resolution.

SMS Review Notification SMS Notification You’re on the move. All-day, every day.

We will alert you via SMS when time-sensitive communications need your review and approval. Quickly navigate to the review and one-click-publish the suggested response.

Review Spam & Slander ProtectionSlanderL (1) (1) (1) Spam & Slander Protection We’ve got your back

Widewail identifies reviews with spam, slander, and other violations. We will notify you and report the reviews through the appropriate channels on your behalf.
Save money on review response Cost-Effective Save money, maximize time

Widewail is more affordable than standing up a program internally. We have the tools and expertise to provide your business with quality customer engagement right away. No training. No software installs. No turnover.


Reputation and operational insights only Widewail can provide

All of your interactions from across the web in one dashboard. Track your ratings over specific time periods to understand your evolving reputation. With the ability to see individual department performance, you’ll be able to identify operational issues in near real-time.



Case Study

Koons Automotive

Using the Engage Review Management Service, Koons Automotive improved their star rating and reduced negative customer sentiment.

4.2 to 4.5

Average Google Star Rating Increase

19% to 13%

Decrease in negative review percentage


Review Volume Increase

“Prior to partnering... we responded to all negative and positive reviews internally. The resources needed to accomplish this task across all platforms fell short; leaving reviews without responses and our customers’ voices unheard.”

Jake Barron
Marketing Director, Koons Automotive Group

How does Widewail stack up?


Designed to work together

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Does the Widewail team actually write responses to all our reviews, or do you provide a software solution that my team can use to respond?

The Widewail team writes responses to every review your business receives, the same business day. Your team will be involved in consultation regarding negative reviews. Our goal is to author well-written, contextual, and branded responses only a real person can provide.

What about a negative review, shouldn’t my team be involved with managing unhappy customers?

We agree, and have designed a Google review management process to efficiently get feedback from the business on negative review responses. Each time a customer writes a negative review the Widewail response team will write a suggested response and submit it to specified members of your team for approval. You or your team will be notified via text and email, directing you to the review and suggested response in Widewail. The response looks good? Hit “Publish” and it will go live immediately. If you are able to provide further context around the customer’s visit, you can send feedback to the Widewail team easily. We will incorporate your feedback and send back an updated reply.

What if I would like to be more involved?

Our process is flexible and can be customized to whatever works best for you and your team.