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Widewail Announces $1.5M Seed Round

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Sit back and watch the reviews roll in

Enter new customers into your system and we will take care of the rest. Our review generation software directly integrates with your point-of-sale system, pulling customer data, and sending invites automatically - creating a highly effective and almost entirely hands-off invitation process designed to get more reviews. We guide your customers from request to review in only 3 steps.

Sit back and watch the reviews roll in

“Across the board, marketers agree that reviews impact Google’s local rankings. Beyond that, reviews shape reputation, impact conversions, and drive both customer service and sales. They’re a force that cannot be ignored when crafting a modern local strategy.”

Moz, The State of Local SEO Industry Report (2020)




Built-in personalization

Personalize and customize. We’ve created a range of review generation tools with features to ensure your messaging is as seamless as possible. Input the customer name and salesperson directly into the text message, automatically. Select the sites you would like customers to leave reviews on and customize the order.



Smart targeting for multiple GMB pages. As many GMBs per location as you like, included.

Widewail Invite supports department-specific Google My Business accounts. Tag customers by department and Widewail will intelligently select the proper account on Google.



Text, because it converts

Reach customers where they are most engaged. With a 98% open rate, getting the message to your customers is nearly guaranteed.



Working with a customer? Manually send them an invite from your phone.

Sometimes a customer is right there in front of you, and you know they had a fantastic experience. Slam dunk. Send a review invite via Widewail, quick and mobile-friendly.

The Local Business Reputation Management Playbook for 2021

34 pages of insider strategies to help you generate more high-quality reviews and boost your online reputation. The operational, implementation, benefits-focused guide.



Optimize Performance

Click-through, delivery, network selection, conversion. Identify performance opportunities and get more reviews with analytics and reporting.



Customize review site order

Customize invites to reflect the review sites that drive results for your business. Prioritize the display of these sites to optimize review volume and frequency.

How does Widewail stack up?

How does Widewail stack up?

What sets Widewail apart?

Designed to work together

Widewail online review generation and management solutions are built to work together, delivering seamless customer experience.



Online Review Management Services

Brand-reinforcing, fast, thoughtful human responses to all of your reviews across the web by our professional response team

Engage Plus

Engage Plus

Social Media Engagement Management Services

Thoughtful and timely responses by the Widewail response team to all of your social interactions on Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business Q&A


15 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Get More Online Reviews

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The Complete Guide to Review Response

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The Complete Guide to Online Reputation Management for Local Business

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The Complete Guide to Google My Business

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