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Invite: Automated Review Generation Software

Send Texts. Get Reviews. Make Sales.

Grow your business with review content. Invite™ helps you easily send review requests via SMS. Get more 5-star reviews from happy customers with Widewail's set-it-and-forget-it software.

Easily integrates with (and more):

The Best Way to Ask For Reviews

Turn customer reviews into your competitive advantage

How It Works

Seamless Integration. Simple Automation.

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Step 1: Integrate with your software

Automatically send SMS review requests, powered by integrations

With Widewail's comprehensive CRM/POS integrations sending review requests automatically is as simple as connecting your customer data flow to Widewail and letting technology take care of the rest.

>> Koons Automotive Group sent 67,820 SMS review requests in its first 90 days using Invite. Result? 633% review volume growth.

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Step 2: Set automation triggers

Configure optimal trigger points

Sale complete? Send review. Resident tour complete? Send review. Sync trigger events your team is already using in your CRM to trigger review requests. Additionally, bulk upload customer lists or send individual requests manually from the Widewail app.

>> By adding requests after a community tour, property management clients increased review opportunities by 60%.

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Step 3: Build campaigns and set them live

Set up an unlimited amount of customizable campaigns

Design your Invite Campaigns to collect the customer feedback you need for your latest marketing objectives. Each campaign can have unique target audiences, trigger states, timing, messaging, review sites, and expiration dates. 

>> Tailoring the messaging in your SMS or email review request can ask customers to discuss the exact topics you want them to highlight in their reviews within a particular campaign.

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Step 4: Monitor Progress with Reporting

Analyze reputation insights

Widewail compiles a centralized dashboard to keep track of your review generation performance. Every location can see high-level metrics like how many review requests are being sent, how many are clicked, how many are submitted and more for any timeframe. From there, dig deeper into review performance on each review site and profit center. Manage multiple locations? Zoom in on one or run comparisons across the entire group.

>> Using the Invite report, Code Style Club (salon) was able to identify an impressive 34% review invite to review conversion rate.

See Why Widewail Customers Love Invite

Automotive logo.koons 30,000

Reviews generated in first 17 months

"Looking back at Invite’s performance since launch, the monthly percentage increase and sustained volume of reviews over the last year and a half has been remarkable. Since we’re also utilizing the Engage response service in tandem, we haven’t had to worry about scaling the management of all that additional feedback."

Jake Barron
Marketing Director, Koons Automotive Companies
Health & Beauty skin spa logo-1 4.6

Average rating of reviews generated for 8 beauty locations

"The ease of [Widewail’s] SMS technology instantly improved our response rate for clients to leave a review. The integration has allowed us to analyze data in real-time and observe trends across multiple cities, quickly identifying areas needing improvement, as well as areas our team was excelling in."

Katie Werbowski
Director of Brand Strategy and Development, Skin Spa New York
Restaurant Jacks_Abby_Grey Homepage (100px) + 1,494 %

Brewery increases review volume in first 90 days using Invite

“The improvements associated with Invite and Engage have been undeniable since their respective launches. We have been blown away by the numbers for both. We have a better pulse on our service and can provide a better experience for everyone.”

Rob Day
Sr. Director of Marketing, Jack's Abby Brewing

With Invite, you can...

Set up unlimited campaigns

Get the content you need for your marketing objectives with customized review request campaigns. Each campaign can have its own audience, trigger points, and delivery rules.

Learn more about Campaigns
Customize your landing page

Make sure your customers are routed to the review sites that are most relevant to your industry or business objectives. Build and re-order the list to increase review volume where you need it most.

Maximize SMS deliverability

We automatically register all SMS sending numbers using A2P 10DLC with The Campaign Registry to tell all of the major network providers not to mark you as spam.

What is A2P 10DLC?
Get reviews to the right Google Business Profile

Have multiple locations or departments within each location? Invite uses smart targeting to ensure every review gets posted to the appropriate Google Business Profile, keeping everything clean and relevant.

Track reputation management progress

You can add unlimited team members to Widewail, where a reporting dashboard is generated to track how effective your review generation campaigns are and identify opportunities for improvement.

Send Invites manually

Sometimes it's more convenient to send an Invite manually. Say you're working with a customer and have a perfect opportunity to get a review. Instead of waiting for the next automated trigger point, fire off an Invite from Widewail right away.