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    Widewail's Approach to Customer Service

    3 min read | August 13, 2021
    Widewail CEO, Matt Murray, explains how Widewail thinks about growth and maintaining great client relationships.
    Matt Murray Founder & CEO

    How Reviews Impact Local SEO

    5 min read | July 23, 2021
    Watch Widewail CEO Matt Murray explain in detail how reviews and reputation management impact local SEO rankings for local businesses in 2021.
    Matt Murray Founder & CEO

    Why displaying trust broadly is critical for modern business success

    3 min read | July 1, 2021
    Trust is such an interesting topic, especially in business. Follow Matt Murray as he explains the evolution of trust in society over the past 200 years and how that informs...
    Matt Murray Founder & CEO

    Widewail CEO: "The Future of Digital Experience Management is Post-Transaction"

    3 min read | June 22, 2021
    Watch Widewail CEO, Matt Murray, explain why he believes the next phase of digital experience management is post-transaction. Buying, in most cases, is an online activity....
    Matt Murray Founder & CEO

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