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PRESS RELEASE: Widewail Launches Review Generation Solution, Invite

4 min read | September 15, 2020
Widewail Quadruples Revenue Over 12 Months and Expands into New Markets with Enhanced Reputation Management Solutions Platform, Putting Customer Reviews Front and Center...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Introducing Invite: Review Generation Software by Widewail

4 min read | September 15, 2020
Introducing Invite by Widewail, a new kind of review generation software that gives you everything you need to get more reviews for your business, and saves you money and...
Matt Murray Founder & CEO

Where else are customers reviewing my business?

10 min read | August 28, 2020
For most modern business owners, Facebook and Google reviews sit in a privileged position when it comes to publicity, public relations, and online reputation management....
Kason Hudman Review Response Specialist

Widewail's Best Reputation Management Articles

7 min read | August 18, 2020
A little under a month ago, Widewail proudly celebrated its second anniversary. As we look back over all we’ve learned, everyone we’ve met, and the various highs and lows...
Dave Pye Director of Search

The #1 Reason Why You Need to Respond to Positive Google Reviews

2 min read | August 13, 2020
When starting out, local businesses often start by only responding to negative customer reviews. After all, responding takes a lot of time, so it makes sense to prioritize...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Pros and Cons of Google My Business Review Response Automation Software

13 min read | August 11, 2020
TL;DR We don’t recommend a fully automated solution. Contrary to conventional wisdom, automated review response doesn’t scale as well as a managed service because these...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Review Management Case Study – Local Car Dealership

4 min read | August 7, 2020
Local automotive dealership improves reputation while reducing negative online reviews by 64% using Widewail’s Engage service.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Widewail Featured in Wards Auto: Car Dealers Taking Digital Reviews Seriously

2 min read | August 4, 2020
With the help of Widewail CEO, Matt Murray, Wards Auto explores COVID-19, Google’s local ranking criteria, and the increasing importance of reputation management.
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

Widewail Turns Two

4 min read | July 21, 2020
A year ago, as Widewail celebrated its first birthday, I reflected on the power of entrepreneurship to bring family and friends closer together. Today, on the verge of...
Matt Murray Founder & CEO

Automotive Customer Service Trends in the Age of Coronavirus

4 min read | July 13, 2020
Change is upon us. Since March, Forty-six percent of consumers are spending an additional four hours a day on their phones, and localized, auto-industry-specific searches...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

No Response Is a Response: The Hard Truth About Ignoring Your Customers

3 min read | June 19, 2020
If you wished someone a good morning and they ignored you, you would be offended. Why? For one, it’s rude. And in a way, no response is a response. By not returning your...
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

PRESS RELEASE: Lexus Partners with Widewail to Enhance Online Customer Experience

5 min read | May 26, 2020
As the Conversation Further Shifts from In-Store to Digital, Widewail Keeps Dealers Informed and Engaged
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

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