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Review Requests with Powerful Segmentation

With powerful segmentation and flexibility, pick your target customer segments and send requests with customized messaging.

Not All Reviews Are Equal

With Campaigns, get the reviews you want and need.

Target SEO keywords in reviews
Get more reviews with personalized requests
A/B test review request language
Reinforce brand messaging
Campaigns - Mix it up – EDIT2

Mix It Up

Choose from three types of Campaigns:

  • Review: Get written reviews on Google, or any preferred review site
  • Video: Source video testimonials to your private library and use in marketing
  • Follow-Up: Send any customer that has previously left a 5-star written review a request for a video review 
Campaigns - Build Campaign Library-1

Build Your Campaign Library

Start fast with pre-built Campaigns. Add more as you target new keywords or customer segments. Once built, Campaigns are quickly referenceable across the app.

Campaigns - Flexibility-1


Each campaign can have unique:

  • Delivery Rules
  • Sending Delays
  • Message Copy
  • Content Types
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Trigger States
  • Expiration Settings
Campaigns - Segementation UPDATE


Use custom messaging with segmented groups of your customers. Segment by:

  • Department
  • Lifecycle stage
  • Percentage
Campaigns - Reporting-1

Better Insights with Reporting

Reveal reputation performance at the Campaign-level to optimize future messaging and targeting strategies.

Campaigns - Automated Campaigns (1)

Automated Campaigns

Set up rules-based waterfall campaigns that automatically segment and send custom campaigns as new customers are created in your CRM. Enjoy all of the segmentation and customization of Campaigns, put into action with automation.

Campaigns - CSV-1

CSV Uploads

Upload a specific group of customers to send a custom SMS Campaign. Leverage the flexibility of bulk sends for special events, campaigns or even generate content from employees for employer branding campaigns.