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See What Widewail Can Do For Your Local Business

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You have happy customers. 
Day-in, day-out, your local business provides a quality product or service. People tell you in person all the time. 
But is this sentiment communicated online?
It's simply human nature - it takes effort and time to leave a review and in many cases unhappy customers are more motivated.
This creates an inaccurate negative bias to review content.
But the fix is straightforward to implement with Widewail Invite.
Here’s the strategy:
  1. Ask every customer
  2. Ask them via text
  3. Get them from text to leaving a review quickly on the same device
  4. Automate the whole process
And it works.

"After 30 years of working here, I've realized that things just need to be easy for the customer and that's what Widewail has done.

A 900% increase in review volume in the first month - because it's just so simple for our “Amazing Customers” to leave their review on Google."

Leigh Encarnacion, Customer Relationship Manager, Koons Lexus of Wilmington

Thank you for considering Widewail. We look forward to hearing from you!


Matt Murray, Founder & CEO, Widewail

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Local business owners & national multi-rooftop marketing directors love working with Widewail

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Widewail is the absolute perfect blend of start-up mobility and innovation, with the consistency and reliability of a massive company. Their tech and automation blends seamlessly with the retail operations at our 20+ locations, and the staff learn and understand our business as though they were our own employees. We have seen lifts in organic traffic from both the keyword-rich, thoughtful responses their team crafts via Engage and Engage+, and through the increases in review volume with Invite (over 100% increase in volume and over a 1.5 star rating increase on average). There really is no better option in reputation management or review generation than Widewail.

Jake Barron, Digital Marketing Director, Jim Koons Automotive Companies


We've been working with Widewail for about three months, and in that short time we have had a HUGE bump in both the number of reviews and the quality. I love that they respond to all our reviews on our behalf, which frees up precious time in my day. Riley and Shea have been so great to work with—they are open to feedback and suggestions, and anytime I have a question, I know they'll get back to me quickly. Definitely recommend Widewail for any company looking to boost their online reviews. 

Marlaina Hunter, Marketing Specialist, SunCommon Solar


"The power of Invite was more than evident by the end of the first week. It's intuitive to manage, has great branding/customization features and is easy for our clientele to use and understand. Invite just works."

Jenny Carlson, Owner, Code Style Club Hair Salon


“At Lexus we have always held guest experience as our top priority. Now, more than ever, our customers are interacting with our dealerships online. With thousands of customer interactions happening each day, we need a solution for our dealerships that is of the highest quality, personal, and cost-effective.

Widewail, with its thoughtful approach to engagement management and unique focus on conversational SEO, is the best choice to provide Lexus guests with personalized, impactful online experiences.”

David Telfer, National Manager of Digital Marketing, Lexus Automobiles


"Founder / CEO Matt Murray is one of few people in the space I consider a true expert, and he's become a trusted advisor.

The Widewail team is dedicated to providing timely top-notch service that is responsive to the customer, professional, and courteous. They enjoy a great reputation among our sales and service leadership.

Highly recommend Widewail for your reputation needs!"

Brian Rosenberg, Ira Jack Chevrolet Cadillac and White River Subaru


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"Widewail is an amazing product, I definitely endorse it. The people are polite and professional, a delight to deal with. They get their job done. They are great at following-up. Everyone from their CEO to the sales and support personnel." - Aurora Castilla
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