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How to Maintain HIPAA Compliance When Responding to Patient Reviews

6 min read | August 22, 2022
Review response is critical for online reputation management but health care providers must be careful. Widewail follows these rules to remain HIPAA compliant.
Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

How to Handle a Mass Spam Event

5 min read | March 4, 2022
We have put together a timeline of a mass spam event with guidelines on how to ensure the situation is resolved as quickly as possible.
Colleen Bierschenk Review Response Specialist

Read if You Sell a Product Over $100 - Why Expensive Products Get More Reviews

7 min read | December 3, 2020
Understanding the motivations of your customers is key to understanding why they may or may not leave you a review.
Emily Keenan Review Response Specialist

9 Ways to Bring Authenticity to Your Review Response

8 min read | December 1, 2020
In this post, we discuss nine steps you can take to ensure all of your customers receive an authentic review response. 
Jane Garfinkel Response Team Lead

Pros and Cons of Google My Business Review Response Automation Software

14 min read | August 11, 2020
Contrary to popular belief, a managed customer review response service will scale better than an automated solution. Automated review response software products will work...
Jake Hughes Marketing Manager

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