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    Introducing the Widewail Trust Marketing Platform

    Set your business apart in the age of distributed trust.

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    Today, we live in a world of distributed trust.

    What does that mean for your business? Trust is now built peer-to-peer,
    rather than company-to-consumer (traditional advertising).

    20 Years Ago: Institutional Trust

    The company says what it is and the consumer (for the most part) takes that to be true. But institutional trust is fading. Failures of the public trust like the '08 financial crisis, BP oil spill, or Dieselgate have consumers looking elsewhere.

    Today: Distributed Trust

    Trust now flows through marketplaces, personal networks and social platforms. Consumers look to their peers to provide the information they need to build trust in a company or idea.

    What's different today vs. 20 years ago? Technology.

    With marketplaces, networks and platforms consumers can now easily share and consume feedback at scale, before ever stepping foot in your store.

    Why do buyers trust their peers? The presumption of no bias.

    Trust in Brand and Service Information Sources

      Friends and Family
    • 93%
    • Review sites
    • 91%
    • News and information websites
    • 76%
    • Printed news articles
    • 73%
    • Product/company websites
    • 70%
    • Blog/vlogs
    • 65%
    • Social media platforms
    • 51%
    • Advertising
    • 38%

    Data Source: Kantar

    How do we reach our customers in this environment? Trust Marketing.

    We realized that the best way to think about this shift is that consumers now sell to each other, and your job as a marketer is to capture, distribute, and shape the broader message around your company through the words of your customers.


    Proactively encourage feedback to ensure the voice of your happy customers is accurately represented online. Without a Trust Marketing strategy your brand's sentiment and reputation will be depressed.


    With positive customer reviews and video content in hand, invaluable social proof can now be easily shared with your digital network. Text reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Video testimonials on social, home and product pages. 


    Through your customer's own words, shape the sentiment around your brand in your favor. With a Trust Marketing strategy in place, you are more likely to make a positive impression, build trust, increase conversion and grow your business.

    Bring Your Trust Marketing Strategy
    to Life with Widewail

    Software to help you efficiently collect customer reviews and videos. Managed services to respond to your customer reviews and social comments quickly and professionally.

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