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Does the Widewail team actually write responses to all our reviews, or do you provide a software solution that my team can use to respond?

The Widewail team writes responses to every review your business receives, the same business day. Your team will be involved in consultation regarding negative reviews. Our goal is to author well-written, contextual, and branded responses only a real person can provide.

What about a negative review, shouldn’t my team be involved with managing unhappy customers?

We agree, and have designed a process to efficiently get feedback from the business on negative review responses. Each time a customer writes a negative review the Widewail response team will write a suggested response and submit it to specified members of your team for approval. You or your team will be notified via text and email, directing you to the review and suggested response in Widewail. The response looks good? Hit “Publish” and it will go live immediately. If you are able to provide further context surrounding the customer, you can send feedback to the Widewail team easily. We will incorporate your feedback and send back an updated reply.

What if I would like to be more involved?

Our process is flexible and can be customized to whatever works best for you and your team.

Is Widewail able to get my business more reviews?

Yes, our latest product, Invite, makes it easy for your to ask all your customers for reviews via SMS.

Case Study: Local Car Dealership Reduces Negative Reviews by 64% in 9 Months with Widewail


  • In the first 9 months of this partnership, Widewail monitored and responded to 3,300 incoming customer reviews across Google, Facebook, Cars.com, CarGurus, Edmunds, DealerRater, and Yelp

  • Widewail saved the dealership marketing team on average 5 hours of work per week responding at 20 responses per hour.

  • The client’s negative reviews dropped from 25% to just 9%.


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