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June 9, 2023

5 Examples of Customer Video Testimonials Being Used Online

To highlight the power of Invite Video, we're showcasing a handful of examples of video testimonials used on our customer's Facebook pages, websites and more.

Establishing trust with your customers is essential to your business’s success, and one of the most effective ways to do so is through customer video testimonials. 

Video testimonials have become an increasingly popular and effective way of showcasing customer satisfaction. 91% of consumers want more online video content from brands in 2023. 

However, collecting customer testimonial videos is just the first step. To fully leverage the power of video content, you need to get creative with a distribution plan to use your videos to their full advantage. 

Whether this includes repurposing video testimonials as ads or social media content, collaborating with influencers or partners to share videos on their channels, or even hosting video contests/challenges to encourage customers to share their own experiences, the more engaged you are with your audience, the more impactful your marketing assets will be. 

In this post, we'll highlight real-world examples of businesses that effectively employ user-generated testimonial videos to promote their brand and build trust among prospects. We'll also share some tips and best practices for creating and sharing video testimonials so they can reach their full potential.

To serve as inspiration and encourage you to turn to your customers for content, here are some creative ways to share Invite Video testimonials online. 


1. Nyle Maxwell PreOwned SuperCenter, a used car dealer in Austin, Texas.

How they use video: 

In addition to regular advertisements and marketing promotions, Nyle Maxwell PreOwned SuperCenter features user-generated video content directly on their Facebook page. This encourages others to share their experiences and creates a sense of online community among buyers. 


Why it works: 

By incorporating authentic footage of satisfied customers into your social media strategy, you can showcase your commitment to customer service and build trust with potential buyers. Further, videos provide a more personal touch to your marketing strategy and create a more genuine and credible representation of your brand. 

Nyle Maxwell’s use of social media not only boosts their online visibility but also strengthens their online reputation. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that they trust, and featuring testimonials on social media helps to strengthen that trust and encourage repeat business. 

*Tip: Having an on-site champion to facilitate the testimonial process is an effective strategy to collect videos on the spot. For example, Nyle Maxwell’s Fausto Rojas records “interview style” videos with customers to get their feedback as soon as they make their purchases. This tactic makes customers feel heard and appreciated, makes their time on camera feel natural and conversational, and captures a moment of celebrating your products and services.  


2. The Roof Resource, a roofing contractor in Shelby Township, Michigan.

How they use video: 

Via the testimonials page on their website, The Roof Resource showcases the voices of their satisfied customers. This demonstrates the quality of their work and the positive impact it’s had on real people's lives. 


Why it works:

Including social proof on your website is essential for converting leads already in your marketing or sales funnel. Your website visitors are already aware of your business and are deciding whether or not to buy. By featuring positive feedback on your website, you can effectively showcase the quality of your products or services and build trust with potential buyers. 

Further, video testimonials are engaging - they can increase the time spent on your page by 88%. The personal touch and sense of authenticity associated with video content resonates with prospects and helps establish credibility for your product/service. In today’s market, that’s a huge advantage that can help differentiate your brand from competitors.

*Tip: Leaving a video testimonial can feel unnatural or overwhelming for many customers. Make the process smoother and get better feedback by asking the right questions. If you encourage your customers to share specific aspects of their experience pertinent to your marketing efforts, you’ll ensure better feedback you can ultimately use.


3. AbleNet, a developer, manufacturer and global provider of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.

How they use video:

AbleNet features customer testimonial videos in a carousel on the homepage of their website for their product - QuickTalker Freestyle. They feature videos from countless Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) across multiple verticals. 


Why it works:

Including testimonials from real users on your website humanizes your product/services. It lets customers envision what their own experience working with your business could be like (provides social proof) and demonstrates real results for the people you serve. 

The homepage is a critical part of your website experience, often where you need to make your brand’s first impression. The goal of the homepage is ultimately to quickly convey what your business solves for and get users to click deeper into your site to continue learning. Social proof is a highly persuasive tool to establish credibility right off the bat and earn the trust that results in longer session times on your website.

*Tip: Use Campaigns to get the right type of feedback for your marketing objectives. Campaigns lets you be more intentional with your review requests. It makes it easy to target specific customer segments with unique prompts - making your interactions and review requests more customized and in context with each customer’s individual experience. In return, the feedback you get will be more detailed, personalized, and in line with your marketing goals. 


4. Jake Sweeney Automotive, a car dealer in Springdale, Ohio.

How they use video: 

Here, Jake Sweeney Automotive uses Invite Video to raise awareness and promote their partnership with the Pet Support Program at Found House INH. They highlight their community involvement while gaining publicity for an organization they care about and back as a business. 

A still image linked to a video of a Jake Sweeney partner.


Why it works: 

While most of our examples demonstrate how you can use video testimonials to showcase the voice of your happy customers, Jake Sweeney Automotive shows how you can also use video to build your brand. By promoting their events, partnerships, and collaborations, they share their business values and demonstrate their commitment to their community. 


5. La Paella, a seller of authentic paella pans and other Spanish products.

How they use video:

Paellapans.com features customer video reviews under a testimonials section on their website. Here, visitors can see authentic feedback about their products directly from real customers.

Further, La Paella encourages customers and website visitors to share their “passion for paella.” Those who leave a video are rewarded with a 10% off coupon plus the chance to win a free paella pan and burner. 


The message Paellapans.com customers receive after leaving a review:


Why it works:

Offering an incentive for a video review encourages customers to participate. It also shows customers how much you value their input. This approach to video review generation shows customers that you are fully invested in them having a positive experience with your business, which works to establish a sense of trust and build brand loyalty over time.  

In the case of La Paella, the call to leave a review is not only about gathering feedback but also about building a sense of community among their customers. By encouraging customers to leave video reviews detailing their tips/memories surrounding paella, Paella Pans creates a space for customers to connect. This is a powerful way to build brand recognition while differentiating themselves from competitors. 

*Tip: Widewail’s Incentives Engine seamlessly integrates custom offers into your video collection process. You can give away gift cards, discounts, vouchers - whatever makes the most sense for your business to help encourage more video testimonials. In the case of Paella Pans, that’s a 10% off coupon plus a raffle entry. With Incentives, you can encourage customers to engage with your product and leave valuable feedback. 

There’s no right or wrong way to incorporate video testimonials into your marketing strategy. Whether you feature your video testimonials online on your website or share a compilation of customer review videos via Instagram or TikTok, it’s about what makes sense for your business and your brand. 

To learn more about video testimonials and the positive impact they can have on your marketing tactics, check out The Complete Guide to Video Testimonials and Reviews.

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Emily Keenan

Originally from Scarborough, Maine, I moved to Vermont after graduating from St. Lawrence University, where I received my BA in English and Spanish. I have always been interested in writing and communication, which is what initially drew me to the Review Response Specialist position at Widewail. In my spare time, I can be found reading, playing electric guitar, or strolling/biking around one of Burlington’s many scenic trails. I always welcome the opportunity to talk about my work, and invite anyone with questions or comments to reach out or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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