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March 20, 2024

25 Best Free Marketing Newsletters in 2024

Updated for 2024! 25 of the best free newsletters we recommend marketers and business owners subscribe to for great marketing insights and useful ideas.

Originally posted on October 6th, 2021 and updated on March 20, 2024 with an additional 17 free marketing newsletters for 2024.

Digital marketers must stay up-to-date re: current industry trends and insights. The problem is, we’re all (beyond) busy, and it’s difficult to find time in the workday to sift through the buzzing swarms of news and knowledge. We need information fast - and don't have time to separate the decent from the great

In solving one problem, therefore, we’ve created another. 81% of B2B marketers list email newsletters as their favored form of content marketing inspiration. Not surprisingly then, there are a wealth of free choices to navigate. We'd love to help you sift through the noise and get straight to the gems. 

For efficiency, we’ve compiled our choice of the best marketing newsletters to help keep your skill saw sharp. The links below will take you to summaries and convenient subscription pages for each selection. 


Founder: Eddie Shleyner
Frequency: Weekly

With over 65,500 subscribers, VeryGoodCopy's popularity can not be denied. It’s a weekly newsletter focusing on copywriting and creativity where subscribers receive a “micro” essay that explores a principle or technique to produce excellent marketing and advertising content. We like this free marketing newsletter as it delivers valuable insights to your inbox that are designed to be concise and informative while providing actionable tips to improve your copywriting and content marketing. 

Very good copy



Marketing Examples

Founder: Harry Dry
Frequency: Bi-weekly

Marketing Examples keeps it simple, and as a result, has built quite the reputation for itself with over 50,000 subscribers. Harry’s content is smart, versatile, and aesthetically great to look at. Further, when it comes to marketing and communication, there’s nothing he doesn’t cover in his case studies. Aside from detailed guidelines and examples, each email consists of quick tips you can start using for your business today. As far as marketing newsletters go, this one’s too good to ignore. 


Local Marketing Insider

Founder: Jake Hughes 
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Email Marketing Newsletter

“Bite-sized, to-the-point, trend-driven”: LMI speaks for itself. This local business marketing newsletter gets right down to the facts without bombarding you. It highlights specific ways for you to improve marketing strategies for your business. What we like best about LMI is its local focus. Everything is framed to be applicable to the single or multi-location local business owner or marketer. It provides readers with examples by making frequent references to real and thriving businesses, which succeeds in making the newsletter’s strategies feel familiar and attainable for local marketers everywhere.  


The Reeder

Founder: Devin Reed
Frequency: Weekly

The Reeder is a free marketing newsletter delivered every Saturday morning. It delivers actionable writing and marketing advice on how to grow your audience, pipeline and income. The newsletter is typically a 5-minute read that dives into a specific aspect of content marketing, such as producing actionable content, building your brand and creating a cohesive content strategy. Subscribers can also sign up for the Content Strategy Reeder, a monthly LinkedIn newsletter that focuses on creating captivating content to drive engagement and revenue growth. 




Marketing Brew

Founder: Alex Lieberman 
Frequency: 3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Marketing Brew is a marketing-specific sub-newsletter to the well-known Morning Brew brand. The sign-up process for Marketing Brew is more involved than some other newsletters. You are asked to include your company name, job title, industry, and even sub-industry. Luckily, the insights it offers are worth the hassle. Marketing Brew brings you the latest stories and trends from a news-centric perspective, keeping you up-to-date on current events while teaching you valuable lessons in marketing and advertising.



Founder: Russ Henneberry
Frequency: Daily

If you want a digital marketing newsletter that’s informative, brief and entertaining, look no further than the CLIKK. This daily newsletter includes industry reports, marketing news and best practices focused on identifying target audiences, enhancing email promotions and expanding your brand. We like that the CLIKK provides content in an easy-to-read format that breaks down concepts over multiple days to ensure subscribers understand thoroughly.





Buffer’s Social Media for Business 

Frequency: Weekly

Buffer’s Social Media for Business newsletter is a must-read for marketers working to establish their online presence. It provides over 45,000 marketers and small business owners with access to blog posts, marketing content, and helpful social media tips. It even gives you a run-down of the week’s latest trends and news from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Buffer’s is essential for keeping your followers engaged with your business, and it only takes a couple of minutes to read. 



Everyone Hates Marketers

Founder: Louis Grenier
Frequency: Daily (M-F)

Trying to stand out from the crowd in your marketing efforts? If so, Everyone Hates Marketers is the newsletter to subscribe to. The daily newsletter contains no fluff, practical marketing insights that cover topics like customer research, content creation, product marketing and marketing strategy. Subscribers should expect a unique perspective on marketing that is easily digestible and can help them create a distinctive brand with continuous reach. 

Stand out



Dave Gerhardt’s Email Newsletter 

Founder: Dave Gerhardt
Frequency: Weekly 

We like Dave Gerhardt’s email newsletter for its familiar, no-frills style. Dave, like all good marketers, knows his audience: B2B marketers. He sorts his content into brief yet versatile categories such as Thursday Thought, Job Updates and End of Week Wisdom, each of which features valuable B2B marketing lessons that everyone, no matter how experienced, will find useful. 



Founder: Thomas McKinlay
Frequency: Weekly

Ariyh (Academic Research In Your Hands) is one of the top marketing newsletters. It provides a weekly, 3-minute actionable insight based on scientific research published within the last couple of months from top business schools. Ariyah is one of our favorites as it gives marketing recommendations based on proven evidence - no biased surveys or questionable data. The newsletter is free, but you can subscribe to Ariyh Pro to gain access to hundreds of insights, Q&As and more. 





Founder: Brandon Anderson
Frequency: Weekly

If you’re a visual learner, this is your sign to subscribe to Sketchalytics. One of the best, this newsletter updates you weekly in the form of a sketch. It breaks down complex content marketing topics into easy-to-follow “micro-lessons,” making it the perfect read for expert marketers and newbies alike. It’s informative, memorable, and entertaining - a different and more engaging take on the classic marketing newsletter.



The Daily Carnage

Founder: Mark Rogers of Carney 
Frequency: Daily 

Do you want to be the “sharpest marketer in the room?” Subscribe to The Daily Carnage. It provides a curated list of top marketing content that offers actionable strategies and practical insights on topics like SEO, social media, paid advertising and content creation. The Daily Carnage is brief but contains links allowing readers to dig deeper into the topics that interest them most. Further, each newsletter includes an ad from past generations highlighting the evolution of copywriting and design. 

daily carnage




Frequency: Daily

ClickZ email newsletter is a one-stop shop for marketers. It features everything including local marketing, analytics, social media, and SEO. When you sign up for ClickZ, you can choose which content alerts you want to receive. I receive the daily newsletter, which does a great job of keeping me informed on the latest digital marketing trends and advertising strategies.

If you want a more involved subscription, with access to webinars, podcasts, research, and live events, you can opt-in at any time. Once you sign up, you have access to a multitude of resources including:

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Research
  • Livestream events 

ClickZ gives you control over what’s in your inbox and a place to start when you have time to dig deeper.



MarketingProfs Today

Frequency: Daily 

MarketingProfs Today is one of the most widely followed digital marketing newsletters on our list, boasting an impressive 350,000+ subscribers and followers across its social media pages. It delivers marketing lessons, perspectives, valuable insights and know-how to your inbox daily, and is focused on helping readers “market smarter.” Primarily for B2B marketing professionals, MarketingProfs Today covers a wide range of topics from branding, strategy, content, digital marketing and demand generation. Its consistent delivery of worthwhile marketing content and resources has made it a trusted resource in the industry for those looking for practical knowledge and guidance.

marketing profs today



Growth Tactics by Demand Curve

Founder: Julian Shapiro 
Frequency: Bi-weekly 

Growth Tactics by Demand Curve gathers current growth insights and tips to help you stay on top of your marketing game. It made our list because it’s easy to read on the go and reflective of what hundreds of Y Combinator (the incubator) Founders say is currently working for them - so you can trust it. 

When you sign up for Growth Tactics, you receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription by replying “yes”. This introduces their first growth insight: when recipients reply, it tells mail servers that you shouldn’t go to spam, increasing your chances of staying in the main inbox. Brilliantly, Growth Tactics shows you how to maximize the visibility of your marketing emails by guaranteeing that of their own. 


Content Marketing Institute

Frequency: Daily M-F or Weekly 

The Content Marketing Institute is one of the best digital marketing newsletters for those focused on content creation. It covers topics like developing a successful content marketing strategy, promoting brand stories, engaging with the audience effectively, selecting appropriate channels and more. We find it particularly valuable that the newsletter provides checklists and templates for building a strong foundation in content marketing. It’s also convenient that you can choose to receive the newsletter daily or get a roundup version once every Friday. 

content marketing institute




Please Advise

Frequency: Bi-weekly 

If you’re too busy to scroll through endless marketing speak and information, this next one’s among the best newsletters on offer. Please Advise features short and straightforward digital marketing tips and prides itself on being able to be “read in one swipe”. The newsletter itself is broken down into 3 parts - Look, Do, and Try. Typically, their emails feature:

  1. A visual marketing component
  2. A quick marketing tip 
  3. App or software they think you should use 


Martech's Newsletter

Editorial Director: Kim Davis
Frequency: Daily (M-F)

Next on our list of best marketing newsletters is Martech. Martech’s newsletter provides a daily rundown of the latest marketing news, intelligence, and analysis. It focuses explicitly on digital marketing and offers tips and lessons to develop your brand. Upon subscribing to the newsletter, you are met with an abundance of valuable information such as:

  • A copy of the latest newsletter
  • Important marketing news 
  • Daily tips 
  • Best practices for marketers 

Martech’s newsletter covers a lot of ground on a daily basis and is a great resource if you’re looking to keep all of your marketing materials in one place. 



Marketing Manager Insider

Frequency: Monthly

Everyone loves a good recap. This newsletter is perfect for those who don’t have time to scan the web for the latest marketing news and information. Marketing Manager Insider compiles 10 must-read articles for marketing managers and delivers them straight to your inbox. Further, it operates on a monthly schedule - meaning it won’t take up too much valuable inbox real estate. 



Curator: Saijo George 
Frequency: Daily (M-F)

Time is precious, and TL;DR respects that. This newsletter’s quick and simplified format gives you access to a summary of what is happening in the marketing world. It also features a variety of topics you can explore to help grow your local marketing strategy. Some include:

  • SEO
  • Paid media
  • Social media
  • General marketing info 
  • Job opportunities
  • Tips and tricks 

When you subscribe to TL;DR, you are sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Once confirmed, you’ll be granted access to a handpicked list of valuable marketing tools you can start implementing today. 



Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

Frequency: Daily or Monthly (you choose)

SEJ is a great place to start when searching for a thorough marketing newsletter. It covers topics such as SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), social media, content and search marketing. Conveniently, SEJ gives you the option to tailor your subscription to your own personal interests - meaning you only receive the content you sign up for. This allows for more versatility and gives you the opportunity to take on more subjects as your marketing strategy grows and changes. Overall, SEJ is a valuable resource for the latest marketing news and insights. 

*Bonus: Upon subscribing to SEJ, you get access to a library of content you can use to strengthen your marketing strategies and build your brand. 



Founder: Matt Navarra 
Frequency: Weekly

While most of the newsletters included in this list offer insights and tips for marketing on a general scale, Geekout focuses solely on social media marketing. This newsletter is valuable in that it keeps readers up to date on the continuously changing social media landscape. Further, its short and to-the-point style makes it easy to read when you’re in a hurry. 


Zero to Marketing

Founder: Andrea Bosoni
Frequency: Monthly 

Zerto to Marketing is a monthly newsletter focusing on marketing strategies and growth. The founder, Andrea Bosni, picks an online business and writes a short case study illustrating how he’d grow the business. It emphasizes the importance of leveraging partnerships with other creators, clear value propositions, and promoting products as productivity tools. The newsletter is perfect for those looking for insights and tips from real-world examples they can apply to their own website. 

Zero to marketing


Growth Hackers

Frequency: Weekly

The Growth Hackers newsletter focuses mainly on growth marketing and business strategies. It features insights from a community of experienced marketers and entrepreneurs and a multitude of materials you can use to stay informed. We like this newsletter because it’s carefully curated by members of the Growth Hackers community. Further, it includes useful information such as Q&As, growth studies, events, and best marketing practices. 

growth hackers



Marketing Dive

Founder: David Harris
Frequency: Daily (M-F)

Marketing Dive is a comprehensive daily newsletter that covers everything from social media strategy to content marketing to advertising. With a specialization in marketing technology, this newsletter is a great way for local marketers to stay up to date on current trends and learn how to better employ digital marketing techniques. 

*If you are looking to expand your expertise, Marketing Dive also offers more technical and industry-specific email newsletters. You have the option to subscribe to these when completing your profile. 

Any combination of this collection of the best free marketing newsletters will give you the information you need to run a successful campaign. In the end, all that matters is what works best for you and your local business. 

Originally posted on October 6th, 2021 and updated on March 20, 2024.

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