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I am originally from Ludlow, Vermont, and recently moved to the Burlington area. I have a BA in political science from Union College and a background of working at startups in finance and SaaS. In my free time, I enjoy skiing, biking, reading, and being around water—anything from sailing, water-skiing, or just floating! I love music and going to concerts, especially hip-hop and rock & roll.

Prioritizing the Move-In Stage for Long-Term Multifamily Success

6 min read | June 21, 2024
Learn how optimizing the move-in stage of the resident lifecycle can boost your multifamily community's online reputation.
Nick Ciufo Nick Ciufo

10 Real-World Examples of AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

12 min read | May 31, 2024
See real-world examples of how businesses across industries use AI sentiment analysis to inform their decisions and marketing strategies.
Nick Ciufo Nick Ciufo

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