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    December 13, 2021

    How to Automate Video Testimonial Collection

    Automated video testimonials, related to your product or service, increase consumer confidence and optimize your conversion rate exponentially. Let's get you started.

    Once enrolled in Invite Video, your business will see a flood of video testimonials about your product, as your customers are sharing their positive experiences with you via video. You won’t have to do a thing. We’d like to break down exactly how Widewail helps automate your video testimonial collection process.

    As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the era of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube, however - video has become a must

    Generating video reviews from your customers now has more worth than any aforementioned picture.  Current customer videos endorsing your product or service are more powerful than ever before. Video helps build trust between you and your potential customers. 

    And check out this chart below from Kantar - customers are more likely to trust their peers than any of your advertising campaigns.

    Capturing customer feedback 

    You love hearing your happy customer’s feedback, but how can you capture their words? That is, how do we really go about getting quality video reviews from our customers? Let’s tackle the challenge of capturing the voices of your customers.

    Picture it now: you’re standing at the exit of your business, holding a camcorder from 2010, tapping hurried customers on the shoulder, asking if you can record them while they share their positive feedback about your business. Who has the time for that? 

    While the best way to get more video reviews is to ask your customers, it’s unrealistic to go through this process all by yourself. Some businesses choose to hire a film crew to produce professional testimonials. While this can be an excellent strategy, it's an expensive one and might not be for everyone.

    For over a decade, your average customer has had 24/7 access to a perfectly good video camera. The smartphone in your customer’s pocket is 100% capable of capturing how they feel about your product, and it’s actually easier and less stressful for them to record themselves.

    A video review doesn’t have to be done professionally. In fact, the smartphone style of recording may be interpreted as more authentic and genuine than footage captured through an expensive lens.

    The easiest way to collect video testimonials

    In our Complete Guide to Video Testimonials, under the section “How to Collect Great Video Testimonials” we lay out several ways that you can ask your customers to leave a video review. But, one stands out as the easiest and most effective, and we wanted to break it down for you. 

    Our latest product, Invite Video, builds off of our existing SaaS service: Invite, which helps businesses get more reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Once your customers complete their transaction at your business, Invite will automatically send them a text with a request to leave a review.

    Invite Video collects video reviews in a similar way. Through a seamless process, our software will text your happy customers asking them to leave a video review. Instead of using your ancient camcorder or hiring an expensive camera crew, customers can use their own smartphone to film themselves. And, you’ll be able to collect all the footage.

    How Invite Video automation works

    Once you enroll in Invite Video, Widewail will integrate with your business’ CRM so that our Invite product is connected to your sales platform. Once you close a sale, this triggers our software to start the review generation process.

    The process begins with a simple text message to your customers. We’ve discussed the benefits of SMS communication in the past, but it is still the case that texting customers will get you more reviews. With a 98% open rate, texts to your customers are highly likely to be read. Further, SMS works particularly well for video reviews because the customer can easily record their review directly on their mobile device. A simple tap of the texted link takes you to the landing page to leave a video review. There’s nothing else required.

    The request for a video review should be simple: thank the customer for shopping with you, ask if they would be willing to leave a review, and share a link to where they can do that.

    Advanced configuration

    Using the advanced configuration settings, we can ask only customers who have already left a 5 star Google review to leave a video testimonial. With this, we target happy customers and also attempt to collect the ultimate endorsement: a text and video review.

    Alternatively, we can ask a certain percentage of your customers for video reviews. For businesses who also use Invite to get reviews on Google, Facebook, etc., we recommend starting around 30%. But if your team is focused on video, you could easily change that to 100%, then back down to any number at any time after that.   

    A significant difference between Invite and Invite Video is that Google does not support video reviews at the time of writing this post. Because of this, a submitted video goes into the Widewail app, where you can then review and download the winners. Once you have collected these videos, the real marketing begins. In our Complete Guide to Video Reviews, we lay out some suggestions as to how to best employ video testimonials in your marketing strategy. 

    New Product  Eager to learn how to make video testimonials work for your business? Learn more about Invite Video

    Keaton Smith

    I’m a writer, philosopher, climber, mountain biker, and a fried-egg enthusiast. Before joining Widewail as a Review Response Specialist, I attended Middlebury College and studied Philosophy and Art History. I grew up in Michigan, but I fell in love with Vermont while in school and decided that I had to stay.

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