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    November 17, 2021

    Five User Generated Content (UGC) Videos to Inspire Your Next Campaign

    User-generated video reviews provide social proof and supplement marketing strategies. Here's five of our favorite examples to spark your imagination.

    Take a moment to think about your most recent interaction with your favorite businesses. You’re really craving authentic cannoli and have a couple of minutes before your next meeting to grab the treat you want. Are you willing to go out on a limb and give that new bakery a chance with blind confidence or are you more inclined to try the pastries at the hot spot your colleagues can’t stop posting photos and videos about?

    When you see your peers fully supporting brands and their services, the veil of uncertainty is lifted. Video reviews are persuasive because they are relatable, building trust. We have handpicked some video testimonials that helped brands stand out to us.


    That Damn, Damn, Five Guys Review:

    If you’ve been on YouTube in the last 10 years, we hope for your sake you’ve seen Daymon Patterson’s hot take on Five Guys - or at least the remixes. This video review made its mark on the internet with over 11 million views on the original video since 2012. Here at Widewail, we love this example because it ignited a storm of word-of-mouth marketing. All Daymon had to do was sit in his car and enjoy some fast food. It’s got to feel good to work on a marketing team for a company whose customers just put out their own rave reviews like this without being asked to. And an even bigger plus when your customers create content as hilarious as Daymon’s.


    Beauty Products In Action:

    Ilia benefited from user generated videos of their products working in real-time (and with no beauty filters). As she effortlessly applies her makeup routine, lifestyle blogger, Lynn (@WhiteHairWisdom), helps to demonstrate several benefits of the Ilia product in this video tutorial. Not only is she revealing the ease of use with this makeup, but she’s also showing that the blend of powerful botanicals is suitable for a wide range of skin types and textures. Videos like this are persuasive because they can be so relatable to shoppers of a specific target demographic. Getting your customers to show off how they use your product or service is a fantastic way to build trust and answer any lingering questions a prospective customer may have as they decide whether or not to buy. 

    Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 12.45.08 PM


    Feel-Good User Experiences:

    The BBC did a fantastic job creating a video that generates empathy and compassion. This clip introduces 50 people who were invited to The Royal Wedding as a thank you for all of their work through their local charities. It not only was a great marketing campaign, but it also allowed the invitees a platform to promote the charities they care about. Video testimonials like this prove it’s possible to establish an emotional connection with other humans through genuine footage of their experiences. 


    Sundays are for the Family:

    Rather than solely relying on their Google Business Profile to show customers their newly adjusted hours, Dolan took to the drawing board and came up with a more gratifying way to connect with their audience. By asking their employees to record quick videos of what they do in their free time and compiling it into a 30-second video, Dolan made two announcements. They strongly value their workers and loved ones, and will also be closed on Sundays. This video demonstrates a more sincere way to update your customer base by tugging at their heartstrings and giving them insight as to why the decision has been made -- the perfect recipe to demonstrate your company’s core values inside of your marketing content. 



    A Video Testimonial and Slope Session:

    While we love user-generated content that comes organically from real users of a product or service, the truth is there are people who get paid to make this kind of content as well. Outsourcing video reviews and product demos from expert reviewers and influencers may be a strategy worth investing in if you want to increase the reach and quality of your third-party content. 

    For those who love outdoor sports, product reviews are huge for buyers looking to purchase the latest gear for the upcoming season. Expert snowboard reviewer Mike Leighton takes to the slopes to demonstrate the 2022 Burton Hometown Hero Unisex Snowboard in this video from Curated. From the early rise in the nose to the tapered tail, Mike spends 4 minutes discussing the technical specs as well as showing off how his choice of snowboard for the 2022 season rides on the mountain. This is a great video to give the buyer all the information they’ll need to know before purchasing and having an external creator publish the video adds a level of trust and credibility you would not be able to achieve with an in-house production. 


    These are just five of the many ways your customers may be using video to spread their thoughts and experiences around your company. With the rise of video on the internet, your prospective customers are looking for this kind of content to decide whether or not to buy your products. Get ahead of the curve and start using these videos to your advantage. Whether you can have a customer say why they love your product just as much as Daymon Patterson loves Five Guys or get an expert to give a full-on product demo as Mike Leighton does on his new snowboard, footage like that can be a persuasive weapon in your digital marketing arsenal. 


    Colleen Bierschenk

    U3GM Blog Post Comments

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