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June 22, 2021

Widewail CEO: The Future of Digital Experience Management is Post-Transaction

Watch Widewail CEO, Matt Murray, explain why he believes the next phase of digital experience management is post-transaction. Buying, in most cases, is an online activity. But we don't broadly accept that post-transaction customer service and support is an online activity. This will change in the years to come.


It's a couple of different ideas. I want to knit together here. I would start by saying that we, collectively, the collective "we", have sort of accepted that shopping is an online activity. Buying, in most cases, is an online activity. But we don't broadly accept that post-transaction customer service and support is an online activity.

I think that's kind of the space where we're in, where we're just starting to see that preference for service at an arm's length. People are in most cases pretty, you know, averse to confrontation and it's more comfortable on their phone or their keyboard. And so as we're becoming more digitally native, we're searching out that support experience with the sort of anonymity or safety that our devices provide us.

That's one thing that we think about a lot. Second. Retail transactions, the percentage of retail purchases that happen online today is only 14%. Right? So, yeah, that's a shocker number, right? So last year, 11% is it last year? Let's get these numbers. I've got it here somewhere.

E-commerce sales in 2019 were only 11% of total sales. It went up to 14% last year. In a year we thought everybody was buying everything the world every second online last year. You couldn't leave your house. It was only 14%. So why do I bring that up? More retail transactions as that slice of the pie grows to be more online than by nature we're going to need to have better online engagement strategies. So. That as a truth. And finally, and this is a tactic that Widewail employs, anytime that you're talking online and wherever you're talking you are engaged in or have the opportunity to deploy conversational SEO. If I'm a savvy marketer and I'm responding to somebody who's talking about my products, I love using the product name.

I want to talk about my business name. I want to talk about geographies if it's relevant. And I want to do it everywhere because I want to feed the machine. I'm always telling Google what type of traffic I want on my website by thinking about those organic keywords in response to my customers.

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Matt Murray

I’m a father, husband and hockey coach as well as founder and CEO of Widewail. I spent a decade with Dealer.com, Dealertrack and Cox Automotive as the VP of Enterprise Strategic Growth and Retail Solutions prior to spending a year at Podium as the GM of Automotive and SVP of Strategic Accounts. I’m also a highly committed, yet extraordinarily average, guitar player.

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