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5 Widewail Business Listings Management Features For Local SEO

4 min read | August 16, 2023
Widewail's Listings Management service offers a central dashboard and customization across 60+ fields - enhancing reputation management, NAP and local SEO.
Keaton Smith Content Marketing Specialist

Business Listings Management: Safeguarding your Business from Risks and Scams

6 min read | August 14, 2023
Effective business listings management goes beyond just online visibility - it can also serve as a crucial component of your business’s risk management strategy.
Emily Keenan Content Marketing Specialist

Product Launch: Take Control of Your Online Footprint with Listings Management

4 min read | July 11, 2023
Widewail is excited to announce our newest product: Listings Management. Use a central dashboard to maintain and monitor your business listings with ease.
Team Widewail Team Widewail

How to Add Video to Your Google Business Profile to Attract Customers

7 min read | April 28, 2023
Add videos to your Google Business Profile in just a few steps. Create eye-catching profiles for searchers and build trust with the right types of videos.
Keaton Smith Content Marketing Specialist

Campaigns Tips and Ideas: How to Get the Feedback You Want From Your Customers

7 min read | April 25, 2022
Campaigns enables marketers to be intentional about review generation by making review requests personalized and targeted to support marketing objectives.
Keaton Smith Content Marketing Specialist

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