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April 25, 2022

Campaigns Tips and Ideas: How to Get the Feedback You Want From Your Customers

Campaigns enables marketers to be intentional about review generation by making review requests personalized and targeted to support marketing objectives.

You may or may not have already seen it: Campaigns and Incentives Engine – Widewail’s two newest features in our Trust Marketing Platform – have been added to the Invite and Invite Video products at no additional cost. Each one piggybacks off of existing capabilities and takes automated personalization to the next level. This post is not meant to cover the basics of our new features (you can find that information here), rather, we want to help you get the most out of these new features to inspire your next trust marketing campaign.

A crash course in Widewail’s Campaigns 

Campaigns enables marketers to be more intentional about review generation by making Invite review requests more personalized and targeted, and ultimately capturing the customer reviews and video content that best supports your current marketing objectives.

When you’ve requested reviews from your customers in the past, we’ve customized the language to your business. Now, Campaigns ramps up the personalization, allowing you to tailor your language however you want, so you can address your customer according to the context of their visit.

For example, we all get our car serviced every six months (or try to). In the context of that visit, it's logical for the request for a review to be specific to that experience, compared to, say, buying a vehicle. 

In this case, the request could say:

“Hi James! Thanks again for visiting the service center at Burlington Subaru. We’d like to hear your feedback about your experience. Would you take a minute to leave a review?”

As you can see, in bold is language specific to one department, a feature new to the launch of Campaigns. Now, we can specify that the customer did business at the “service center” rather than the location generally. The more targeted we can be with our request for a review and the more context we can include, the more likely a customer is to click the provided link to leave a review.

Use Campaigns to get customers to give you feedback about your business that aligns with your marketing goals.

Up until this point, just getting any review was a victory. The accepted technique was to make a generic ask and get back any feedback that was on the customer’s mind. The next evolution of this strategy, which we’ve attempted to bring to life with Campaigns, is to instead guide the customer feedback towards the message that is most impactful for your business. 

What unique value does your company bring? Ask your customers specific questions that will have them sharing what you want your prospects to hear. Say you promote your business as having the “best selection.” It makes complete sense for you to ask customers directly about their thoughts on your selection. Remember, your prospects trust the words of your customers more than the words of your advertising – This is trust marketing in action.

Use Campaigns to capture what your customers love and leverage their voices in your marketing strategy. Turn more prospects into buyers with an effective trust marketing approach to your messaging.

To illustrate: A car dealership might ask different things of each of their profit centers: 

Department: Sales

Value Proposition: We have the best customer service in town.

Request Message: “Tell us about our customer service.” “What was your initial impression of us and how did it change during your experience?” “We’d love to hear about your time with our financing team.” “Would you recommend us to friends and family looking for a new or used vehicle?” 

Department: Service

Value Proposition: Our technicians are thorough, effective, and informative. 

Request Message: “What service did you receive and how do you feel about the outcome?” “Were all of your service needs met today?” “Did we answer all your questions? “Would you recommend our service team’s work?” 

These questions might not work for you, but they offer ideas about how to ask for specific feedback and compliments about your business’ operations. What sets your business apart? 


It’s time to start incentivizing your video review invites 

Incentives Engine, a new feature exclusive to Invite Video and can be paired with Campaigns to send incentivized testimonial video requests. If Campaigns helps you get the kind of feedback you want, Incentives Engine accelerates the rate at which you collect that feedback. Your camera-shy customers might need that extra motivation to publicly endorse your business on camera, so we’ve made it easier for you to offer something up in return.

The chance to win a freebie or get a discount will increase conversion rates. Incentives Engine simplifies the process of allocating prizes in exchange for testimonials. Widewail takes care of all the back-end details, and you get to focus on the creative part. Included within the solution are built-in incentive limits and auto-shut-off which make it easy for businesses to minimize abuse and maintain a budget.

What you can control: the prize, the messaging, the portion of your customers who receive the reward.

You and your colleagues have the best idea of what your customers want. Is it a T-shirt from your company? A discount for a future visit? Name the prize, and we’ll randomize who gets to claim it. 

Coupled with Campaigns, Incentives Engine allows for a lot of opportunities for personalization and customization. Multiple campaigns can take place simultaneously—text and video— each with their own messaging and sent to unique audiences. 

Some incentivization examples: 

Follow up with customers who leave 5 star text reviews with an ask for video; “Thanks for leaving us a 5 star review. We’re glad you are a satisfied customer. Would you take a minute to leave a video review verbalizing why you love [Location]?” Happy customers are eager to please.

Ask 20% of your Sales customers to show off their new product; “We’re happy to have you as a customer! Congrats on the purchase of your vehicle! Show it off to the world–we’re giving the first 10 people to share their video review a free oil change. Let’s see it!” 

Do you know you have the best auto selection in town? Ask your customers to prove it: “Hey Rachel, it’s Keaton from Burlington Subaru. Thanks for purchasing a car today! How did you find the selection of vehicles on our lot? For the next 48 hours, all video review submissions will be rewarded with a dozen bagels!” 

The outcome couldn’t be better: your business’ marketing message packaged in authentic customer video testimonials - a valuable asset you can leverage for the months ahead. 

Need more inspiration? This blog post has lots of ideas for questions you can ask your customers to get effective video reviews.

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