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    New Case Study: Jack's Abby Increases Restaurant Review Volume by 1494% Using Widewail's Invite

    1 min read | October 8, 2021
    Widewail’s “Invite” and “Engage” online reputation management solutions help a local restaurant to dramatically increase monthly customer review volume.
    Dave Pye Director of Search

    Lexus Dealership Increases Review Volume by 185% in First 90 Days with Invite

    2 min read | February 10, 2021
    A Lexus dealer near Baltimore improves review volume by 185% and reduces negative review percentage by 75% after only 90 days.
    Dave Pye Director of Search

    Lexus Dealer Case Study: 403% Increase in Google Reviews after First 60 Days

    2 min read | February 1, 2021
    Learn how a group of Lexus stores increased review volume by 403% in only 60 days, and reduced negative reviews by 82% using our Invite and Engage solutions.
    Dave Pye Director of Search

    Hair Salon Case Study: Increase in Google Reviews by 573% in First 60 Days

    1 min read | January 11, 2021
    Learn how a local hair salon increased customer review volume by 573% in only 60 days using Widewail's Invite review generation.
    Dave Pye Director of Search

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