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December 9, 2021

3 Ways Video Marketing Can Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

How do you create that perfect impression that's both engaging and enticing enough for consumers to move through the funnel? Copy and images are important, yes, but recently, marketers are finding success with something a little more real: video.

Whether you're launching a new product or working to get customers to try out a free demo, landing pages are a central point of conversion for your customer base. These landing pages may even be your customers' first experience with your brand, so it's important that the impression they make is a good one.

But how do you create that perfect impression that's both engaging and enticing enough for consumers to enter into the funnel? Copy and images are important, yes, but recently, marketers are finding success with something a little more real: video.

Brands have been leveraging video for some time now–just think of those TV commercials or YouTube ads you've seen. It's no secret that video content sells, as 65% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to purchase a product.

But this sales magic doesn't need to happen on a TV or mobile device. By implementing the use of video on your webpage, you're not only giving your customer a first look at what you're offering but also creating an engaging dialogue that will get them excited about your brand.

According to Forbes, 90% of customers end up making a purchase because of an enticing video. Let's take a look at some ways you can utilize video marketing to your advantage on your landing page for more engagement (with no rings required).


Testimonials are a vital part of promoting your brand to new prospects. Historically, companies have sought out written testimonials from their customers. It's true that they're easy to gather and display, but taking the easy route doesn't always yield the best results.

Video testimonials elevate your testimonial game and are more likely to resonate with prospective customers. Think about it — a line of text is likely not going to impact a purchasing decision as much as the detail and body language communicated in video.

Video reviews add a feeling of authenticity that text-based testimonials simply can't convey. When a prospective customer sees someone sharing positive thoughts about your business — perhaps someone of similar age or in the same part of the country — they'll be more persuaded by what they have to say. Why? Because the commentary is likely that much more relevant.

A testimonial video allows your prospects to see the body language and see the light in the person's eyes when describing how amazing your product is. Worried about viewers clicking away? Don't fret, because psychology is on your side. If the customer in the video shares characteristics with the watcher, the watcher is more likely to hear them out because they'll see similarities to themselves. This is known as the self-reference effect.

Product Demos

Free demos are popular for a reason. What better way to entice your consumers with a product than by showing them how it works?

A product demo can properly entice potential consumers to make a purchase or visit a physical location. And while you may be worried that a video will be too long for your viewers, don't jump to conclusions.

People don't have short attention spans, they have short consideration spans.

According to Wistia, long videos are making a comeback. In 2020, there was a 140% increase in 30-60 minute videos being uploaded compared to previous years. Chances are, if your video marketing is engaging, your viewers will make time to watch it all the way through.

These demos should be cycled through regularly so the content is fresh. There's nothing duller than hearing a message repeated over and over again. Your message needs to be fresh and exciting, every time.

Speaking of fresh content, a video is a perfect time to show consumers tips and tricks about your products. Helpful and insightful video content around what you're providing helps get your consumers excited about the ins and outs of your product, and can be shared across a variety of platforms and social networks.

You should aim to create new messages in your video that they won't get anywhere else. Remember — excitement is contagious.


Similar to a demo video, a teaser video on a landing page can work in your favor to get consumers excited about something. If you're promoting an in-store event, consider recording a small teaser for consumers to get a taste of what they'll experience by attending.

Video teasers that provide just enough information to inspire prospective customers and urge them to learn more are a great way to bring new business through your doors.

Even if you're lacking in budget or time, these teaser testimonial videos can be created quickly and cost-efficiently. Whether you take your smartphone and visit customers in person or ask them to record a quick video with their mobile device on their end, these videos don't require expensive filming equipment or a crew working behind the scenes. Avoid splicing together footage or adding in animation. The brief video testimonial will speak for itself.

Videos Are Here to Stay

With the world going more and more digital every day, it's no surprise that video marketing is carving out its own special place in a brand's portfolio. It's important to remember that it's not just the younger generation that's drawn to videos — if you provide a well-composed and compelling piece, it can be enticing to all age demographics.

Want to learn more about how you can harness the power of video for your product? Read Widewail's complete guide to video testimonials to learn why no marketing strategy is truly complete without engaging video content at the ready.

Additionally, we recommend checking out our latest software innovation that enables your business to automatically send video testimonial requests to customers. Once customers begin responding, their recordings will be stored in a library for your marketers to sort through and utilize in all different types of campaigns.

If you've been looking to level up your video marketing strategy with ease, our latest tool is just what you need. Check out Invite Video, our automated video testimonial generation software. 

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Jake Hughes

I’m the Director of Marketing here at Widewail, as well as a husband and new dad outside the office. I'm in Vermont by way of Boston, where I grew the CarGurus YouTube channel from 0 to 100k subscribers. I love the outdoors and hate to be hot, so I’m doing just fine in the arctic Vermont we call home. Fun fact: I met my wife on the shuttle bus at Baltimore airport. Thanks for reading Widewail’s content!

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