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Widewail Client Testimonials

Our #1 goal is for our clients to think of us as a "partner", rather than a "vendor". Hear from Widewail clients about what changed for the better when switching to Widewail.

“At Lexus we have always held guest experience as our top priority. Now, more than ever, our customers are interacting with our dealerships online. With thousands of customer interactions happening each day, we need a solution for our dealerships that is of the highest quality, personal, and cost-effective.

Widewail, with its thoughtful approach to engagement management and unique focus on conversational SEO, is the best choice to provide Lexus guests with personalized, impactful online experiences.”

David Telfer, National Manager of Digital Marketing, Lexus

"Widewail's on the cutting edge of helping businesses manage customer experiences post visit in a way that also helps drive new visitation from new customers seeking their products and services. Win-win-win."

Scott Pellegrini

"Widewail is an amazing product, I definitely endorse it. The people are polite and professional, a delight to deal with. They get their job done. They are great at following-up. Everyone from their CEO to the sales and support personnel. One of the best business partners that we have done business with!"

Aurora Castilla

"Riley and the team at Widewail are extremely knowledge about local search and the power of reviews to elevate the rankings and purchase intent of new customers for almost any kind of business. Their platform’s ability to simply automate the review request and response process is extremely powerful. If you have happy customers, Widewail can help you share their stories efficiently. A game changer."

Anthony Brogna

"The Widewail team is all around amazing! We love the innovation, responsiveness and customer service. Their platform is very intuitive and hands down the best in this space. They actually listen to feedback, apply new ideas consistently, and never stop creating the best technology. We highly recommend Widewail for any reputation management needs. Class act and great people.

Widewail provides superior service and results. Their services allow your team to focus internally while they manage your online activity & reputation management.

If you want to increase your performance look no further than Widewail!"

Justin Point, Co-founder, Cannonball Digital

"Another great job from Widewail... Thorough and concise.  Thank you!"

Ralph Marshall

Case Study


Local hair salon increases Google reviews 573% in first 60 days with Invite

"The power of Invite was more than evident by the end of the first week. It's intuitive to manage, has great branding / customization features and is easy for our clientele to use and understand. Invite just works."

Jenny Carlson, Code Style Club

Case Study


Combining Invite and Engage auto group sees 180% increase in review volume and 58% reduction of negative sentiment in 30 days

The results speak to your amazing technology and willingness to work through obstacles to help us both become better! Thanks again for your partnership!”

Thomas E Eggers, Platform Digital Director, Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships

“Prior to partnering with Matt and the team at Widewail, we responded to all negative and positive reviews internally. The resources needed to accomplish this task across all platforms for a group of our size fell short; leaving reviews without response, and our customers’ voices unheard.

In fall of 2018 we brought Widewail on board as what I like to refer to as our reputation advocate. Their responses are timely, thoughtful and engaging. When customer issues do arise the Widewail process in getting the appropriate management teams involved to offer a quick response, put the customer at ease, and take the confrontation off-line are seamless.

Having an expert like Matt Murray and Widewail in our corner has allowed my team to focus on other aspects of our digital strategies with the peace of mind that our online reputation is being guarded.”

Amy Koons, Jim Koons Automotive Companies

"We partner with Widewail for all 6 of our stores and they are truly a "partner" in our business. They find ways to work with us and growing together has been nothing but amazing!

We previously used a leading provider in this space but our results with Widewail have been more than doubled from our previous results."

Thomas Eggers, Platform Digital Director, Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships

"Our relationship with Widewail exemplifies the truest sense of a partnership. We discuss, challenge, test, and work together toward serving our customers.

None of it would be possible without the vision and work of Widewail. They are everything we could ever ask for in a team and product. I can't wait to see what the future holds with their products and our partnership."

Lucas Neiderer, Senior Marketing Manager, Dolan Auto Group

Matt & the team take the time to listen to what we were looking for and offered a solution that solved our business needs! Recommend to anyone!

John Ruid

"Our online presence is spread out over many platforms and Widewail keeps us connected to our customers in real time! Responding in a timely manner is no longer a worry for our organization. This software allows us to move our focus to bettering our processes which is increasing our customer satisfaction across the board. 10 out of 10 would recommend to any organization that is on social media.”

Matt Vitaliani, Social Media Leader, JT's Automotive Group

Great company, experienced leadership, strong solution. Definitely recommend.

Mike Rother

Case Study


With Invite and Engage Kowalis realizes +403% review volume and -82% negative sentiment

The opportunities we were losing as a result of inconsistent review replies, which basically became a case of ‘whenever we find time’, were obvious,” Cody recalls. “We knew it was time to up our game and get serious - either internally, which wasn’t realistic, or by partnering with a vendor.”

Cody Kowalis, Kowalis Automotive Group

Case Study


Roseville Kia increases review volume 243% in first month with Invite and Engage

In the first month after implementing Invite (launched on 9/21), Roseville Kia sent 977 automated review requests to their customers via Invite, which generated 185 reviews - translating to a 243% increase.


"The power of Invite was more than evident by the end of the first week. It's intuitive to manage, has great branding/customization features and is easy for our clientele to use and understand. Invite just works."

Jenny Carlson, Owner, Code Style Club

"After 30 years of working here, I've realized that things just need to be easy for the customer and that's what Widewail has done.

A 900% increase in review volume in the first month - because it's just so simple for our “Amazing Customers” to leave their review on Google.

Everyone at the dealership is aware of Widewail Invite and is absolutely thrilled. I can't thank you enough"

Leigh Encarnacion, Customer Relations Manager, Koons Lexus of Wilmington

They follow through as promised. They have been a big help to us.

Ed Kenley Ford

Widewail has really allowed our POSITIVE customer reviews to shine through. The Invite product tripled the volume of positive reviews just by automatically asking our customers to leave feedback! 

Charles Paul, Information Services Director, BMW Northwest 

"We have been working with Widewail for over a year now. They have improved our groups overall rating within a month of signing up for the solicitation tool, and brought all of our locations on to one platform. The team we have worked with is incredibly responsive, and helps no matter how big or small of an issue. Their prompt responses are custom tailored for each purchase- allowing us to focus on other tasks at hand. This product has been a strong solution and solved many of our needs."

Amanda Jean Norvish, Social Media and Reputation Specialist The Herb Chambers Companies

"Founder / CEO Matt Murray is one of few people in the space I consider a true expert, and he's become a trusted advisor.

The Widewail team is dedicated to providing timely top-notch service that is responsive to the customer, professional, and courteous. They enjoy a great reputation among our sales and service leadership.

Highly recommend Widewail for your reputation needs!"

Brian Rosenberg, Ira Jack Chevrolet Cadillac and White River Subaru

Grow with reviews. Grow with Widewail

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