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Skin Spa New York generates nearly 400 new reviews and boosts search visibility for 8 spa locations in NYC and Boston

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Skin Spa New York

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Increase review volume, show up in more Google searches



Aiming to improve ease and efficiency while keeping profits in mind, the New York City and Boston-based beauty clinic Skin Spa New York partnered with Widewail in order to get more reviews and increase search visibility. Widewail assists businesses in their climb to the top of the local search pack and works on increasing search visibility through SEO-minded review response and review generation solutions.

Our managed service, Engage, takes the pressure and stress of daily reputation monitoring off of business owners and local marketers. Your business’ reviews are responded to by our in-house team of responders, informed about your business and compassionate toward your happy and sad customers alike. The automated tool, Invite, integrates with business management software like Boulevard to make sending your customers requests for a review absolutely seamless.

Katie Werbowski, Director of Brand Strategy and Development at Skin Spa New York, summarized the key challenge of getting happy customers to leave reviews: 

"At Skin Spa, we have built our brand by offering best-in-class aesthetic treatments at affordable prices for over 17 years. Like most businesses, we rely heavily on referrals and word of mouth from our clients to grow our business, and in today's world that largely includes online reputation management.  While an unhappy client is easily motivated to leave a review, the thousands of clients that are happy with their services often need something truly remarkable to happen in order to motivate them to spread the word online.  Enter Widewail. When we began working with Widewail, we were able to automate SMS review solicitation by leveraging integrated technology from Boulevard and Widewail."  

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Since November 2021, 8 of the Skin Spa New York locations (and a group Facebook page) across New York City and the Boston area have been using our Engage and Invite products. 

Across the board, 394 reviews were generated after 7 months, leading to an average 4.6 star Google rating.

Our automated Invite product has generated hundreds of reviews for all Skin Spa locations since the launch of Invite. The results are generally consistent across the locations, averaging 50.14 new reviews generated for the locations that have used Invite since November. The Derby St location activated Widewail’s Invite in May and has already generated 11 reviews on Google and holds a perfect 5.0 average Google rating. 

Many of these locations also have seen significant boosts to their search visibility. Skin Spa’s Upper West Side spot saw a 34% jump in search visibility since the activation of Widewail’s products. The Midtown East location boasts a whopping 86% lift in search visibility during the time Widewail’s products have been activated. 

Skin Spa Search Visibility

"The ease of [Widewail’s] SMS technology instantly improved our response rate for clients to leave a review. The integration has allowed us to analyze data in real-time and observe trends across multiple cities, quickly identifying areas needing improvement, as well as areas our team was excelling in. Most importantly, it gives time back to our managers so they can focus on what they do best, taking care of our clients and our team. We have been able to access a bird’s eye view of client experience that has become an essential KPI for us to manage our teams across multiple locations as well as to enhance the client experience."
— Katie Werbowski, Director of Brand Strategy and Development at Skin Spa New York

Single and multi-location beauty businesses benefit from Widewail’s products if, as Skin Spa New York was, faced with the challenge of wanting more reviews and search visibility without having the time to boost these themselves.

Automating the review solicitation process and CRM integration are key elements to a successful reputation management partnership. Fully integrated with Boulevard, Widewail may be the tool for you.

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