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Introducing Invite Video. 50% off thru 12/31.

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    The Complete Guide to Widewail's Integration with HubSpot

    Add review generation automation to your marketing technology stack with HubSpot and Widewail

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    HubSpot’s CRM platform coupled with our tried-and-tested marketing tools and analytics enables you to automate the review request process and opens the door for more reviews to flow in.

    This handy guide provides you with everything you need to know about the Widewail x HubSpot integration, including:

    • What the integration does
    • The benefits of automating your review generation
    • How easy it is to set up the integration
    • How one Widewail customer sent 67,820 SMS review requests and saw a 633% total volume increase in reviews in the first 3 months of using Widewail Invite

    Download your copy today to for a look under the hood of this new integration!

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