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Playbook: Reputation Management

The playbook that local business owners and marketers need to win in today's peer-to-peer trust economy. 55 pages of review-led marketing tactics and strategies.

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Key Strategies, Best Practices & More

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What's Inside

At Widewail, we regularly talk to business owners that are considering implementing a review management strategy. They often ask us: what are the business benefits? How important is it to gain the trust of prospective customers? Will I see a return on my investment? This playbook will help any business owner or local marketer get up to speed on what it means to have a world-class reputation strategy today.

Psychology - LP

Why Do Your Prospects Care About Reviews?

Customer reviews are incredibly persuasive. To understand why, we dig into how prospective customers use the words of their peers to build trust (or distrust) in your business.


Reviews + Local SEO = 🎉

It's impossible to separate reviews from local SEO. Hundreds of millions of searchers come to Google each month to find local products and services. Reviews are the foundational social proof that powers the whole system.

"Widewail has been an integral part of our operational and SEO strategy. Their partnership has enabled us to assist staff in responding to reviews in a timely, professional manner while utilizing SEO keywords to provide a lift in search engine visibility."


Ryan O'Kelly, Managing Partner, Mercy Wellness

Trust Marketing - LP-1

Trust Marketing: A Modern Framework

Learn how the three phases of Trust Marketing Capture, Distribute, and Manage can lay the foundation for a highly effective marketing strategy built almost entirely around customer-generated content.

"Like most businesses, we rely heavily on referrals and word of mouth from our clients to grow our business, and in today's world that largely includes online reputation management."


—Katie Webowski, Director of Brand, Skin Spa New York

05 Cost Benefit Analysis In-house v. Vendor

Cost-Benefit Breakdown: In-House vs. Vendor

Get a full cost-benefit analysis of managing a reputation program internally versus partner alternatives.


Included in download

BONUS: Get Your Reputation Score

Is your strategy leading the pack, average, or in need of improvement? We've included a self-assessment worksheet you can use to quickly grade your current performance.

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Local Business Reputation Management Playbook

Insider strategies to help you generate more high-quality reviews and boost your online reputation. The operational, implementation, benefits-focused guide.

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