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Local Dealership Gets 185 New Reviews (243% Increase) with Invite in First Month

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Many businesses would opt to decrease their percentage of negative sentiment before focusing on increasing total reviews per month. As this case study reveals, however, it’s possible to circle the wagons and accomplish both feats simultaneously via Widewail’s service - quickly, and even while detangling from an underwhelming previous provider.

The Challenge: Low Review Volume, Negative Review Percentage and Multiple Response Management Vendors

Already signed up for Engage since June, 2019, and happy with the review response results, Roseville Kia sought to further deescalate negative sentiment while increasing the number of customers leaving reviews each month. They also strived for the operational efficiency granted by fewer vendors.

The Solution: High-Touch Managed Review Response, Single-Vendor, Automated SMS Review Generation




Although Engage produces impressive results as a standalone product, after strategy discussions with Widewail it was felt a combination with Invite - our new service focused on review generation - would target multiple goals.In the 3 months leading up to the switch, Roseville Kia averaged 76 reviews a month with an overall rating of 4.2 and a 25% negative sentiment (1 out of 4 reviews were negative). Lots of GMB-related activity, but a batting average in need of a first base coach.

Results: 243% Increase in Review Volume, 68% Reduction in Negative Sentiment

  • In the first month after implementing Invite (launched on 9/21), Roseville Kia sent 977 automated review requests to their customers via Invite, which generated 185 reviews - translating to a 243% increase.

  • 83% of requests were delivered via personalized SMS, the remainder through email.

  • In the process, the Widewail service combination increased their average rating to 4.7 while spiking negative sentiment all the way down to 8%.

In terms of logistics and ROI, it’s worth noting these improvements were achieved without any resource output from personnel at the store, and all for a comparatively nominal fee with significantly improved performance when compared to the previous vendor. 

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This case study is also available as a presentation-ready PDF.

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