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March 15, 2022

Widewail Adds Incentivized Video Testimonials and Targeted, Customizable Review Outreach Campaigns to its Trust Marketing Platform

With 90 percent of customers looking to reviews to build trust, Widewail demonstrates how dealers can mold perception using highly targeted customer reviews and video testimonials.

With 90 percent of customers looking to reviews to build trust as they grow frustrated with limited inventory, Widewail demonstrates how dealers can mold perception using highly targeted customer reviews and video testimonials

Burlington, VT. (3.15.22) – Widewail, the leading customer review, and reputation management solution, introduced two major product expansions, targeted to help automotive dealers navigate growing frustration amongst consumers. Incentives Engine, expanded functionality of Invite Video™, empowers dealership marketing teams by seamlessly integrating custom offers with video testimonial requests, boosting conversion rates. Capturing more customer video testimonials gives dealers greater ability to shape the narrative around their stores. Campaigns, a major feature enhancement to Widewail’s review and video generation software, offers flexible tools to ask targeted questions of past customers, influencing the content of both text reviews and customer video testimonials.

Introducing Incentives Engine: Generate more video reviews with custom offers

Seamlessly integrate custom incentives into your video collection process to boost conversion rates with Incentives Engine. Send highly targeted incentives, keep track of prize winners, manage your budget, and prevent abuse.

“Responding to feedback from clients, and understanding that a request for a video testimonial is inherently more significant to the consumer than a text review, offering dealers the ability to run and manage incentivized video testimonial requests is the logical next step for Invite Video,” says Matt Murray, Widewail Founder & CEO. 

Included within the solution, built-in incentive limits and auto-shut-off make it easy for dealers to minimize abuse and maintain a budget. Further, managing incentive recipients and identifying incentivized vs. non-incentivized videos for regulatory purposes is straightforward, all facilitated within the Widewail platform.

“Research shows more than 90 percent of customers read reviews before visiting an automotive dealership,” said Matt Murray, Widewail CEO. “In today’s market of sparse inventory and surging vehicle prices, consumers’ growing mistrust and the perception of lack of transparency is a significant challenge. Video reviews are the single best solution for an automotive dealer to gain trust in this competitive market, with the positive experiences being shared directly from one customer to your next, potential customer.”

Introducing Campaigns for Invite and Invite Video™: Technology with the flexibility you need to capture the reviews you want

Industry-first functionality, Campaigns empowers Invite and Invite Video users with a uniquely powerful and customizable approach to collecting customer reviews and video testimonials. Campaigns is the realization of Widewail’s vision: automated review and video testimonial generation software that intelligently bolsters marketing strategies and accelerates business growth through the words of satisfied customers.

New functionality includes the ability to segment customers based on department and multiple other factors, and ask each group for reviews or videos with unique, highly targeted prompts. For example, service customers can be sent requests for reviews on Google, Facebook, or automotive-industry review sites, while sales customers can simultaneously be sent an incentivized request for a video review. By segmenting the audience and speaking to them within the context of their visit, dealers can influence the content generated by customers, ensuring alignment with the store’s core messaging strategy.  Campaigns is an expansion of current Invite and Invite Video product offerings, and will be added for all Widewail clients at no additional cost.

Trust Marketing is about leveraging the voice of your happy customers to share a supportive message on the business's behalf, and with Campaigns, you can precisely align customer review and video content with current marketing objectives, an industry first..

“What makes this trust marketing solution stand out even more, is that it doesn’t require the dealer to lift a finger. Dealers can automate the solution to secure reviews and distribute accordingly without having to think about yet another item on their already growing checklist,” says Murray.

Widewail’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and always-on Trust Marketing platform makes it operationally sustainable for dealers to proactively pursue customer feedback in the form of text reviews on Google, Facebook, and industry review sites, as well as generate customer video review content for use on owned and unowned properties. Directly integrated with the dealer’s DMS, Widewail’s solution automatically receives customer data and generates mobile-friendly invites to drive engagement with customers. 

Automotive-specific technology integrations include CDK Global, DealerVault, DealerTrack, VinSolutions, DealerBuilt, CCC, CIECA, Revolution Parts and Rome Technologies.

To learn more about Incentives Engine, Campaigns and Widewail’s other Trust Marketing solutions, visit www.widewail.com 


About Widewail

Widewail began as the first company to focus solely on search optimization via managed online review response. Today, Widewail's suite of solutions leverages automation and industry expertise to drive and directly manage customer and prospect conversations in both consumer reviews, video and social media, improving local search rankings. Widewail builds trust between local businesses and the communities they serve. For more information, please visit https://www.widewail.com/.

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