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August 2, 2022

Local Marketing Insider #039 // 6 Video Review Event Examples

Six video review event examples for property management, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare and politics.

LMI #035 on how to run a video testimonial event struck a chord, so I figured I’d go a bit deeper.

A refresher, here are the 5 essentials to running a high-volume video review event:

1. Piggyback off an existing event

Don’t host a new event for video (unless you have to). Take existing events and add video collection.

2. Incentive immediately redeemable

The best incentive is twofold: redeemable in the moment and something the attendee was already planning to buy (food, drinks, raffle tickets). 

3. Avoid awkwardness

Yes, we all stare at the tourist with the selfie stick. Don’t make your customers put themselves on display to record a video for your business. How to avoid this: host the event outside, create a relaxed, party-like atmosphere, and provide a breakout space for recording. 

4. Allow recording directly on the customer’s phone

Give the customer agency and comfort with the tools to record on their own device. A centralized, shared device is uncomfortable and won’t be utilized as much.

5. Find the community element

A sense of community creates brand evangelists, powerful advocate voices that will want to share their experience with other potential customers. If most of your customers make a single purchase while passing through quickly, a community element may not exist. But if your business does have a community angle, it’ll be well set up to capture compelling video content.

6 Video Review Event Examples

1. Summer food truck series at an apartment community

Industry: Property Management

Incentive: First food item free

Why I like this: Parties are ideal video review events. The mood is fun, everyone is with their friends, and it's likely loud enough that attendees will feel comfortable recording. What I love about video reviews for an apartment community is that the residents are invested. The community is quite literally the center of their lives, and they will have experiences to talk about. Community membership in any form is a strong motivation to participate in a video review. Also, offering the incentive as something that can immediately be redeemed, and better yet, was something the resident was already going to buy but now can get for free, is a winning combo.

2. Weekly pet happy hour event at an apartment community

Industry: Property Management

Incentive: Chance to be featured as the “dog of the month” in the community newsletter/social

Why I like this: Finding an apartment rental that allows dogs/pets, let alone celebrates them is a common challenge. Resident video content featuring happy dog owners is a great marketing asset. Also, people like to share their dogs and people like to watch videos of cute dogs - all around it's a good way to break the ice.

3. Local political rally

Industry: Politics

Incentive: Campaign swag

Why I like this: “Grassroots” is all the rage, so why not capture constituents vocalizing their support for their candidate? If they are engaged enough to attend a rally, they are there to be an active participant and vocal supporter. Channel that energy into a video endorsement to share the voices of voters at scale. For the incentive, offer campaign swag that helps them become a passive promoter of the campaign every time they’re out wearing the t-shirt or drinking out of the coffee mug they earned.

4. Fertility clinic baby meet and greet

Industry: Healthcare

Why I like this: There’s a lot to celebrate when getting together with other parents at the clinic, sharing stories and enjoying the companionship of the babies. With some luck, the joy and satisfaction can be translated into a video review.

5. Cruise ship

Industry: Hospitality

Incentive: The chance for a VIP experience

Why I like this: I’ve been on one cruise before and every day featured a new port and a new set of events. Usually three tiers: free, $$, $$$ - you get the idea. Every night the cruise directors could run a raffle giving out free access to the upgraded experiences to those that submitted a video review that day. Using QR codes around the ship would work well in this case, and the consistent repetition of the winners being announced daily should encourage more and more participation as the days go by.

6. Family activities - Zoo, Aquarium, Amusement Parks

Industry: Entertainment

Incentive: Refreshment or experience upgrade

Why I like it: In a way, these are “always-on events,” meaning a lot of opportunities for video. Families love these activities, but they are undoubtedly expensive and the more kids you have the more costs add up. With a targeted invite, say a text at 11 am before the family is on-site, the incentive of a free drink, ice cream, or fast pass lane access could go a long way in motivating video reviews.

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