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June 14, 2024

How Residential Tours Can Help Drive Positive Reviews

Hone your multifamily marketing and review generation strategies during the tour stage of the resident lifecycle.

Over the last year, Widewail has assembled the Multifamily Reputation Index: a dataset of 400,000 Google reviews covering data from 150 large multifamily groups. 

Using review data and AI topic-sentiment analysis, we’ve identified 49 topics related to what residents are talking about most in multifamily reviews.

These topics present unique opportunities for property managers to determine what's working in their communities, what needs adjustment, and what’s driving the most feedback.

Our three-part Voice of the Resident webinar series explores review trends by resident lifecycle stage: tour, move-in, residency, and retention. Today, we’ll focus on the first stage in the resident journey, tour, and how you can leverage it to hone your multifamily marketing strategy. 

Tour Lifecycle Stage

The Data

The Multifamily Reputation Index utilizes reputation metrics such as review volume, rating, negativity percentage, and response rate, as well as frequently mentioned review topics such as maintenance and on-site team support, to determine how communities are performing and what residents are saying about their living situations. 

According to the Index, the average multifamily community has a lifetime rating of 3.9 stars, generating 1.59 Google reviews per month. 

In contrast, auto dealerships receive an average of 10.4 reviews per month. 

While multifamily and automotive are two vastly different industries, the discrepancy in review volume highlights a significant opportunity for multifamily marketers to invest in review generation. 

Leveraging the Tour Lifecycle Stage

A consistent flow of reviews is essential for maintaining a strong online presence and attracting prospective residents–and the tour lifecycle stage is a great place to start. 

Of the four lifestyle stages analyzed in the Multifamily Reputation Index, reviews for residential tour experiences are rated the highest (4.18 stars). 

However, tour stage reviews are ranked extremely low in terms of overall review volume, accounting for only 5.85% of all reviews. 

This low percentage presents a clear opportunity for multifamily managers to capitalize on the positive experiences that are generated naturally during the tour lifecycle stage.

Activating the Voice of Happy Prospects

People are less likely to leave reviews when their expectations are met or exceeded.

Even if a prospective resident thoroughly enjoys an in-person tour and subsequently signs a lease, they may not feel compelled to share a review unless directly asked.

By being proactive and consistent in requesting feedback immediately after each tour, you can unlock the potential of satisfied prospects to share their positive experiences. 
This approach not only boosts review volume but also provides valuable insights into the strengths of your tour experience and areas for improvement.

Choosing an apartment is a highly considered purchase decision, and the more positive reviews your community has, the stronger your competitive advantage will be in attracting new residents.

Tour Stage Review Analysis: Key Takeaways

After conducting an in-depth analysis of reviews gathered during the tour lifecycle stage, several notable patterns and sentiments emerged:

1. People Drive Positives

Onsite teams were the top driver for positive reviews overall, mentioned in 68.15% of 4 and 5-star reviews. 

This trend is even more pronounced during the tour stage, where 76% of positive reviews specifically highlight the exceptional performance of onsite teams.

These stats underscore the importance of onsite teams in shaping the resident experience and fostering positive perceptions of a multifamily community. 

In-person tours present a valuable opportunity for your team to craft an exceptional and unforgettable experience for prospective residents. Those who enjoy their tour experience are more likely to become residents, leading to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews, further enhancing your community's reputation and attracting more prospects. 

2. Amenities and Aesthetics Have a Lasting Effect  

Amenities and aesthetics are two review topics mentioned frequently throughout the tour lifecycle stage. Whatever unique aspects and opportunities your property showcases during tours will be reflected in these reviews.

While mentions of amenities and aesthetics throughout the tour lifecycle stage are usually positive, this does not extend to the rest of the resident lifecycle. 

In fact, amenities are mentioned in 80% more negative reviews during the renewal stage versus the tour stage. 

This demonstrates the need to ensure that your amenities do more for your residents than just draw them in. Rather, amenities must fit into the resident lifecycle beyond the initial tour stage. 

Invest in lasting selling points for your community to establish a strong and lasting positive reputation for your multifamily community. Listen to resident feedback and make repairs when necessary. The allure of amenities should carry well into the move-in stage, and eventually, into the renewal stage to have an ongoing positive impact on your reputation. 

3. Scheduling Must Go Smoothly 

While the tour stage is a great way to garner positive feedback for your community and generate excitement, it also has the potential to provoke negative feedback if handled poorly. 

“Scheduling appointments” is mentioned in 15% of negative tour reviews, which is 844% above the industry benchmark. 

While every community’s scheduling process differs, the tour stage is your chance to make a good first impression on prospects.

Work with your teams to establish simple and reliable scheduling systems and foster attentive team communication. Take note of customer complaints and work to make improvements along the way. A smooth scheduling process will leave residents feeling confident about your community and can mean the difference between a signed and unsigned lease. 

Next Steps 

The tour lifecycle stage has great potential to drive positive reviews for your community. Between the excitement generated by your onsite teams and amenities, and taking the time to ask for reviews directly after tours, there is a lot of opportunity to get more reviews. 

To fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by the tour lifecycle stage:

  • Ask everyone for reviews (current and prospective residents)
  • Make the process simple (provide your Google review link or step-by-step instructions for leaving a review)
  • Automate review generation (never miss a review opportunity with SMS automation)
  • Time how you send out review requests by corresponding them to distinct moments in the resident lifecycle (tour, move-in, residency, renewal)

Learn more about maximizing the tour lifecycle stage for your reputation and gain more insights into the resident experience with the Widewail Voice of the Resident webinar series. 

Voice of the Resident Virtual Event Series

Ellie Guyon

I'm a Vermont local and graduate of UVM where I studied English, Global Studies and the Creative Arts. Outside of my Review Response Specialist role at Widewail, I take on projects with local arts groups as a writer, performer/director, and musician. I am an avid reader and I enjoy collaborating on all things creative.

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