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Part 1: Tour / Move-In

may 9th, 2024

Join Widewail, the reputation partner of BH, Avenue5 and Trilogy, for VOICE OF THE RESIDENT.

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Part 2: Residency

May 29th, 2024

We dive deep into topic data related to current residents. A big focus for Part 2 will be maintenance.

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Part 3: Retention

June 6th, 2024

In part 3, we cover the data highlighting what residents say drives renewals and what pushes them to look elsewhere. Attend live, or sign up to get the recording on demand. We will look at in-depth topic and sentiment analysis of 400,000 Google reviews from residents of hundreds of top multifamily groups, including the NMHC top 50.

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Welcome to The Resident. Each month, we explore multifamily reputation and sentiment data. Our research is based on the Widewail Multifamily Reputation Index, a database of 400,000 resident reviews.

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