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I'm a new Vermonter originally from Utah and a recent graduate of the University of Vermont with a Master's Degree in History. I love to write, and I love digital marketing, which makes me perfectly suited to be a Widewail Review Response Specialist! Aside from writing, I love to listen to music, play guitar, ride my bike, take care of my cat “Kitty” and can often be found in nature trying to catch a glimpse of my elusive local cryptid, Champ. I invite anyone with questions about our service or my posts to send an email or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Where else are customers reviewing my business?

10 min read | August 28, 2020
Google and Facebook are the top sites consumers are most likely to check before deciding on a particular business. However, Google and Facebook are likely not the only places...
Kason Hudman Review Response Specialist

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