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I joined Widewail last year as a Review Response Specialist, blog contributor, and the team’s resident native New Yorker, meaning I spend my days responding, writing, and derailing staff meetings with my strong opinions about pizza. I cut my teeth in the publishing industry, so client relations and content creation are second nature to me, and I received my BA in History from Smith College. In my off hours you can find me reading, baking from my worryingly large collection of cookbooks, and building my snow-shoveling muscles in this thing you guys call a “driveway.”

6 Tactics Savvy Credit Unions Are Using to Generate Hundreds of Reviews a Month

8 min read | December 4, 2020
If you work at a bank or credit union, you already know that the work you do tends not to draw the same volume of online reviews as, say, restaurants or car dealerships. Here...
Emily Hamilton Review Response Specialist

5 Places to Put Your Reviews So Prospective Customers Will See Them

3 min read | September 17, 2020
To get your reviews in front of as many of your customers as possible you need to get a little creative. Here are five ideas.
Emily Hamilton Review Response Specialist

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