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August 18, 2020

Widewail's Best Reputation Management Articles

In no particular order, let’s look back at some of our guides, tips, and general review response advice – and a special thanks to our customers who have made it all possible.


A little under a month ago, Widewail proudly celebrated its second anniversary. As we look back over all we’ve learned, everyone we’ve met, and the various highs and lows associated with a brand new venture, we noticed there are some potentially helpful blog posts you may have missed.

In no particular order, let’s look back at some of our guides, tips, and general review response advice – and a special thanks to our customers who have made it all possible.

How to Set Up Google Alerts - And Why They’re Crucial

They’re free, they’re easy, and they’re incredibly critical. How would you like to wake up every morning to an email which lists each and every place your brand has been mentioned online? There are lots of tools charging top dollar for this level of insight, but the first you should check out (and possibly best) is still 100% free for anyone to use. This post will get you started on setting up Google Alerts for strategic online brand reputation management.   

The 8 Types of Review Responses

This could have also been titled “7 Types of Review Responses to Make Sure You Are Never Guilty Of, and The 1 That Works” but the horse is out of the gate. From the “negative-negative” to “eager-beaver” response, this post will give you a head start on understanding the absolute worst ways to reply to negative customer sentiment. We didn’t make them up to be funny – these best practices are sourced from actual gaffes that thousands of business owners make each and every day. Regardless of how you may be tempted to reply to negative reviews, make sure you’re able to identify the better alternative for each commonly employed disaster.

Why Customers Leave Negative Reviews

The popular saying goes something like, “customers will tell one person about a good experience… and ten about a bad one.” But what exactly can tip the scale from positive to negative? This original Widewail case study, undertaken by a bonafide PhD, is insightful to say the least. Learn which experiences mean the most and how to make sure they’re always happening for your valuable consumers.

Get to Know Your Business Review Sites

Google and Facebook reviews aren’t the only game in town. There are multiple general and industry-specific business review sources you should be aware of. And this post is just the tip of the iceberg – we also have a free guide detailing 19 business review websites that will help ensure you’re watching the right conversations and making the best use of valuable time. Cast a wide net, don’t focus solely on the top two, and keep an eye on every corner of the web where you may be discussed in front of a large audience. 

8 Online Reputation Management Tips

While the best piece of advice in this post may be “pick your battles,” there are seven more which can help SMBs manage their online reputation. Best case scenario, reputation management should be performed every hour of every day by the business in question. Realistically that isn’t always possible or scalable, and when negative reviews and other detrimental mentions arise it’s helpful to know your best internal and outsourced options.

Social Engagement Beyond Online Reviews

Online engagement with customers doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – end with a response to a positive or negative review. This post provides ideas for using Facebook for relationship management and brand reputation, along with other potential benefits of social media. Learn how to engage with your audience on multiple platforms with multiple tools and give your business the best chance for online success.  

How to Remove Bad Google Reviews

We’re talking about negative reviews objectively left by a dissatisfied customer. Fake reviews are another headache entirely. If you sipped your morning coffee while reading a review claiming your restaurant has a haunted bathroom – you’re probably looking for a different post (or need to consult a psychic). If you’re struggling to find ways to manage the real deal, however, this article provides detail on how to report, reply to, and generally address valid customer concerns.

The Truth About Review Gating

Since that pesky DNC office break-in way back in 1972, every public scandal seems to be tagged with an unfortunate “gate” at the end. We’ve seen Elbowgate, Picklegate, Deflategate - even Fajitagate for crying out loud. When Google changed their policy and declared that the solicitation of selectively positive reviews was a new no-no… the practice was nicknamed “Review-gating.” Every business should understand what this term means in detail and we’re here to help.

3 Reasons Why Negative Reviews Are Valuable to Your Business

We’re all tempted to hit the roof every time a negative customer review rolls in from Google or Facebook, but did you know there are some tangible potential benefits to less-than-favorable feedback? Learn how lemons may become delicious lemonade as this post breaks down a few facts and scenarios on how to handle bad news. Every disappointing review is an opportunity if you know how to navigate the “nays.”

Review & Reputation Management Case Study – Local Car Dealership

To date, online reputation management and review response case studies have been few and far between. This Widewail example, focused on a car dealership in a competitive Florida location, is the first in a series where we’ll share the benefits and results of our people-powered customer review managed services. The rooftop in question significantly improved their local online reputation while reducing negative customer reviews by 64% using our Engage service. If that statistic doesn’t catch your attention, well, you probably don’t move metal for a living. The basic principles are the same across all verticals, however, so be sure to take a look at this impressive local business rebound.

It’s hard to believe two years have flown by so fast – but that just means we’re busy supporting customers and businesses master their online review response game. Hopefully, this list helped connect folks with valuable information you may not have noticed the first time around.

Bookmark the Widewail blog for future informational online reputation management and response posts, and be sure to have a look at our ever-growing collection of free guides. Here’s to another amazing 24 months!


Dave Pye

A digital marketing dinosaur, my SEO career began in 1999 at one of Boston's first digital marketing agencies. Prior to becoming Widewail's Director of Search I had a long focus on GMB, reviews and local organic visibility for automotive dealerships in competitive locales. Regardless of a specific industry, this decade of experience was the perfect precursor for a role supporting our innovative Engage and Invite services. Originally from Canada, I enjoy hockey, Frank Sinatra, writing on a variety of subjects, old movies - and am the proud parent of a geriatric Boston Terrier. Customers, peers, or anyone with online review-related questions are encouraged to contact me, anytime.

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