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December 1, 2020

Widewail Launches Review Management Customer Case Studies

No need to take our word for it. Introducing our new case study collection where you can see the benefits of a review management strategy in action.


You can read local ranking factor surveys, you can take a vendor's word for it - but wouldn't you rather see the tangible benefits of a review management strategy in action?


Today we're happy to announce the launch of our Widewail customer case study section where you can do just that. We're starting with three client stories, spread across examples of how our Engage, Engage Plus and Invite services have led to impressive results:


  • Review Generation Case Study: By combining our Engage review response service with our Invite review generation software, this customer enjoyed a 180% increase in review volume while reducing negative sentiment by 58%.
  • Review Management Case Study: The car dealership in this example generates 185 new reviews (a 243% increase) with Invite in the first month, simultaneously boosting their average star rating to 4.7 while dropping negative sentiment down to 8%.
  • Reputation Management Case Study: Engage helps a customer improve their overall reputation while reducing negative reviews by 64% and helping employees reclaim 5 hours of work per week.


With GMB and review activity now considered the two fastest-growing local ranking factors of 2020, you owe it to your business to either strengthen your internal competency or consider outsourcing to a trusted partner. 


Hopefully, the real-world results contained in these breakdowns will get you thinking about your own review response management focus. Let us know if we can help.

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Dave Pye

A digital marketing dinosaur, my SEO career began in 1999 at one of Boston's first digital marketing agencies. Prior to becoming Widewail's Director of Search I had a long focus on GMB, reviews and local organic visibility for automotive dealerships in competitive locales. Regardless of a specific industry, this decade of experience was the perfect precursor for a role supporting our innovative Engage and Invite services. Originally from Canada, I enjoy hockey, Frank Sinatra, writing on a variety of subjects, old movies - and am the proud parent of a geriatric Boston Terrier. Customers, peers, or anyone with online review-related questions are encouraged to contact me, anytime.

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