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April 4, 2024

6 Tips for Running a Successful Multifamily Reputation Management Pilot Program

Find the best support for your residents and your property through a reputation management pilot program.

In today’s competitive housing market, your online reputation is key to your community’s success. 

Whether you’re looking to boost conversions, increase resident retention or improve your Google star rating, the right reputation management partner can help you get on track. 

In this post, we’ll discuss Multifamily Reputation Management Pilot Programs and how they can equip you with the tools you need to manage your community’s reputation. 

Why Consider a Reputation Management Partner?

74% of renters read between 1 and 10 reviews before deciding on their rental property, meaning your reputation matters. 

But with all the responsibilities that come with successfully running a community, managing your online reputation often takes a backseat. 

This is where a reputation management partner can help. 

The right reputation management company will position your property as a top choice among competitors and help you: 

  • Get more reviews for your community
  • Establish trust with your residents
  • Improve visibility in local search
  • Save your on-site team’s time

You can ensure a positive online presence while your team focuses on what matters most-creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for your residents.

While there’s no shortage of viable strategies to give your property a competitive advantage, investing in a reputation management partner is a great place to start.

Property Management Apartment Building 2

What are Pilot Programs? 

Choosing the right reputation management partner is an important decision, and no two businesses are the same. 

A solution that fits one won’t necessarily fit all, and having the opportunity to trial-run reputation management software can help you find the right vendor for your property.

Pilot programs involve implementing software solutions in a controlled environment–on a small scale within a real property management setting–with the ability to scale implementation to a larger portfolio after demonstrated success.

Tips for a Successful Pilot Program in Multifamily: 

  1. Establish a Time Frame
    For effective data reporting and a successful program adoption, align with your reputation provider on the time frame for the pilot program. A period of 90-120 days is sufficient time for your team to adjust to the platform and capture meaningful data such as review scores, volume and response rate. 

  2. Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    Establishing KPIs helps track and measure your goals when trialing a reputation management service. What are you hoping to achieve during the pilot? Do you want to increase review volume? Improve Google rating? Reduce negative sentiment? 

    Outlining KPIs will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your property management company and establish long-term goals for your reputation management strategy moving forward.

  3. Target a Sample of Communities Representative of the Portfolio
    When measuring the performance of your pilot program, it’s important to ensure the data sample is representative of the broader asset mix. You want to see its impact on each type of building, so select a sample group of properties that encompasses the range of your company’s assets—at least 5 properties or 10% of the portfolio.

  4. Score the Customer Experience with the Vendor
    Connect and discuss performance throughout the pilot. Overcommunication is key as you work to find the right fit for your community. 

    Take note of your experience with your vendor. How quickly did it take to onboard? How responsive are they to requests? Do you feel supported and connected as partners? This is perhaps the most important element of a good partnership—synergy.

  5. Schedule Regular Monthly Check-Ins
    Establish a recurring plan to connect with your vendor and discuss performance as you go. Optimization adjustments can only be made when you connect on a strategy and the pilot is the perfect time to hone it.

  6. Establish a Post-Pilot Plan
    What happens next? If the desired results are achieved during your pilot, you and your vendor must work together to align on the optimal roll-out strategy for the whole portfolio. This mutual action plan should address key elements such as:
    • Communication strategies
    • Resource allocation
    • Contingency plans for potential challenges
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Monitoring and feedback mechanisms 

By aligning on a comprehensive action plan and fostering ongoing collaboration, you set your community up for a successful transition from a pilot to a portfolio-wide rollout.

See the Evidence of a Successful Reputation Management Solution

In 2021, Widewail Partnered with BH, a leading company in the multifamily housing industry. Over one year, BH experienced:

  • 53% increase in review volume
  • An average Google star-rating increase from 4.1 stars to 4.3 stars
  • A 22% reduction in negative review volume 

BH Case Study Featured Case Study Page Image

Check out the full BH Case Study to learn more about what Widewail can do for your properties.  

All in all, property management pilot programs are a proactive approach to reputation management. 

By choosing the right reputation partner for your community, you’re investing in maintaining a positive reputation, improving resident satisfaction and driving long-term success for your property. 

For more reputation insights, download the free playbook– Centralized for Success: A Guide to Performance-Based Reputation Management in Multifamily

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Ellie Guyon

I'm a Vermont local and graduate of UVM where I studied English, Global Studies and the Creative Arts. Outside of my Review Response Specialist role at Widewail, I take on projects with local arts groups as a writer, performer/director, and musician. I am an avid reader and I enjoy collaborating on all things creative.

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