Centralized for Success: A Guide to Performance-Based Reputation Management in Multifamily

Discover the benefits of centralizing reputation management activities across your portfolio. Think: cost savings, higher-quality lead generation, and performance improvements. Plus, get your corporate and onsite teams moving in sync with our implementation toolkit. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Centralizing Reputation Management For Multifamily Owners & Operators

Implementation timeline, email templates, key training topics and more

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What You'll Get

Inside, learn how centralizing reputation management activities will help you sign more leases and save money. See how to reduce dependency on ILS sites and get higher-quality leads. With our Implementation Toolkit, develop a 12-month game plan to centralize your multifamily portfolio’s operations. 


Performance-Based Reputation Management

The new way of thinking about reputation management in Multifamily. Today, reputation management is about performance marketing, not PR. With a strategy that focuses on leveraging resident feedback to build trustworthy branding, your properties will get more visibility. 

Google over ILS

Prioritizing Google Over ILS Sites

Learn to reduce your dependence and spending on ILS sites. Focus your efforts on getting greater organic search visibility and a higher volume of quality leads from Google. 


De-Risk Your Strategy

In this playbook, learn how to get positive results without manipulating reviews or resorting to fraudulent review-gating practices. With an above-board centralization strategy, you can eliminate long-term risk by treating positive and negative content equally. 

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Improve Property Performance with a Centralization Gameplan

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