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March 9, 2023

Widewail Integration With Square POS Now Live in the Square App Marketplace

Widewail’s Invite software is now integrated with Square to bring businesses the option to collect reviews and improve their reputation management strategies.

Square Users, Meet Widewail

Square’s suite of point-of-sale software and hardware is designed to simplify business operations and growth for small, medium and large businesses. Its robust set of offerings makes it a highly centralized solution for business owners to manage tasks like payment processing, inventory management and even customer loyalty programs. Unsurprisingly, Square leads the POS systems category with a 27.28% market share.

Square enables smooth transactions but, after a sale is made, there are a few things businesses need to stay on top of to shape and maintain their reputation online – most notably, generating and responding to reviews.

Reviews are gold in the age of distributed trust. They are the cornerstone of building a business that can easily attract new customers and rank higher on search engine results. Collecting them can be tedious. And if you’re not proactively generating reviews, chances are you’re only getting negative reviews from the most upset customers.

Square users are fortunate to have all the data they need to reach out to customers soliciting reviews. With the new integration between Square and Widewail, that process can now be automated. Take less time and energy away from your workforce while getting more reviews and driving more business.

Widewail and Square work hand in hand to help businesses of all sizes grow. Find Widewail in the Square App Marketplace now.

Invite: The Review Generation Machine That Will Help Your Business Rank Higher Online

Widewail’s Invite software streamlines the review generation process. By accessing customer contact information stored in Square, Invite can ask every one of them for a review on behalf of your business.

Here’s how it works:

Square Automation Flow

Save Time and Increase Review Volume with Automation

It has been proven that asking every single customer for a review increases a business’s average rating and review volume. With Widewail, you can achieve this without manually asking everybody that comes into your store to leave you a review (or video testimonial - Widewail can do that too!). Invite accesses customer phone numbers stored in Square to automatically send review requests via SMS, where conversion rates are the highest. As a backup, Invite can also send requests to email addresses. Messages are sent based on specific triggers set within the automation settings, like a specified amount of time elapsed after a transaction is completed.

Send Personalized Messages for the Highest Conversion Rates

Using additional data stored in Square, Widewail can address customers by their name and inject information into messaging templates such as the business location and representative who served them. Providing accurate context like this demonstrates validity, reducing the rate of people confusing review request messages for spam. It also makes for more thoughtful messaging, showing your customers how much you care about their experience.

Automated Video Testimonial Collection

Square Integration Video

User-generated video testimonials tell your business's story better than anyone. Invite video leverages the same SMS-powered request process as Invite to build a library of videos submitted by your customers. Every submission requires a consent form signature, so you are free to use every asset you receive in any marketing materials you'd like. Easily distribute your customer's voices across your website, social media, advertising, email, and more. 

Customize Specific Campaigns to Reach Your Reputation Management Goals

Campaigns - Invite Page Graphic-2

Campaigns take your reputation management tactics to the next level. Create specific automation configurations with options such as different target audiences, trigger points, messaging, and review sites. By asking exactly who you want to address a specific question, you can encourage reviews that shine light on the areas you are trying to market for your business. Consider setting Invite Video to follow up and ask for video testimonials from anyone who left you a five-star review. Get the right messaging from the right customers onto the right sites – now they’re doing the marketing for you.

Gain Insights from a Centralized Reporting Dashboard

Square Invite Reporting

Widewail’s reporting dashboard allows you to analyze the health of your reviews across the web. High-level metrics show you how many review requests are being sent and how many reviews are coming in on each review site. Drill down even more to find opportunities for improvement. If you’re running multiple campaigns, see which ones are performing better. If you’ve got multiple locations, check their individual metrics and compare them against each other. Follow trends in average rating to identify what operational changes can be made to improve customer experience.

Seamlessly Connect Widewail to Square

Square has excelled in designing business tools that are easy to implement and work together without a hitch. Widewail is proud to join the Square ecosystem as an approved app within the Square App Marketplace. With this integration, businesses can take control of their online reputation by collecting and distributing the voices of their happy customers, ultimately earning the trust of more prospective customers and growing their business.

Ready to add reputation management to your Square system? Talk to a Widewail expert to get started with this integration today. 

Review Generation Integration  Automatically get reviews from every customer in your Square POS Get a Demo of Invite for Square

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