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August 15, 2023

A Heartfelt Thank You: Widewail Makes the Inc. 5000 List

In our first year of eligibility, Widewail is proud to rank 544th on the 2023 Inc. 5000. Many thanks to our customers, partners and team.

Humbling Home State Achievement

In addition to breathtaking views, chunky ice cream and sharp cheddar, Vermont has a burgeoning reputation as a hub for successful tech startups - a natural byproduct of the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of the Green Mountain State. What an honor it is for us to officially become part of this inspirational story.

We're excited (and incredibly grateful) to be able to share some exciting news with you today: Widewail has been recognized on the esteemed Inc. 5000 list for 2023, ranking at 544th overall. See the official press release here.

This places us in the top 11% of the fastest-growing private startup companies in the US and the top 0.05% of private companies period - with a three-year growth rate of 1,082%. No small feat, if we do say so ourselves, so taking a moment to enjoy and reflect on this company milestone might certainly be forgiven.

Testament to Testimonials and Teamwork

Widewail's success to date has been a combination of three important pillars: Our founders saw a market in need of a reputation and review management revolution. We've been lucky enough to connect and grow with collaborative clients who help make our managed services a little bit better, every day. Finally, it's a testament to the unwavering dedication and effort of our entire team. Each "Wailer," most based right here in Burlington, Vermont, has shown resilience and commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.

The team and supportive culture we’ve all built together at Widewail continues to amaze me, daily. Everyone from our engineering, response, customer support, sales and marketing teams should be sharing in the celebration today. I applaud them for taking such great care of our valued customers.” - Angi Murray, Widewail Co-Founder

As we celebrate this achievement, we (again) want to acknowledge that our journey to the Inc. 5000 list isn't just about us. It involves everyone who has stayed the course while challenging us to improve, evolve, and strive for reputation management excellence. Your trust and support has been invaluable.

In Good Company

In addition, we'd especially like to extend our congratulations to all the Vermont companies that have made it onto the prestigious Inc. 5000 list this year. You are each shining examples of VT innovation and entrepreneurship.

Fluency, Tuck Consulting, Alkemi, Sticky Brand, Resonant Link, Reconciled, Image Relay, IXIS and Staticworx have all contributed to their respective industries with unique offerings from within our mutual home state.

“As a Vermont-based company, we’re humbled to have ranked 4th in Vermont and equally impressed by a strong showing of high-growth companies from our state of only 600,000 residents. Go Vermont!” - Matt Murray, Widewail Co-Founder

Everyone’s place on this highly competitive national platform is recognition of the impact we have made collectively. Not just within our respective industries, but our local communities. We're proud to be ranked alongside those who represent Vermont's historical spirit of ingenuity.

Thank you all for inspiring Vermont businesses and entrepreneurs through your success!

"Wail On" — The Adventure Continues

Looking ahead, we are inspired to continually evolve and innovate. The service strategies, company culture and valued learnings which have brought us to this point will remain our North Star. We're committed to pushing boundaries, expanding our capabilities through the development of new products, supporting additional industries, and finding new ways to exceed your expectations.

All of us at Widewail are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing the adventure with you. Here's to making more Lake Champlain-sized waves together in the integral field of online reputation management!

With deepest gratitude,

The Widewail Team

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