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November 2, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Widewail Announces Integration with The Campaign Registry

Integration will advance consumer messaging protection. A2C 10DLC registration = fewer blocked messages for Widewail Clients.

Burlington, VT (November 2, 2021) — Widewail, a leading customer review and reputation management solution, today announced the integration of Widewail Invite, its SMS review generation software, with The Campaign Registry, the authority for registering Application-to-Person (A2P) 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) messaging campaigns. The integration is the first in its class.

To protect end-users from data in unsanctioned long codes, mobile network operators AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have selected The Campaign Registry as a third-party registration for companies’ implementing consumer text messaging campaigns. Campaign service providers like Widewail are asked to declare messaging and senders through The Campaign Registry in order to create a better and more trusted messaging ecosystem for end-users and to help companies avoid restrictions or penalties on unregistered text campaigns. 

In becoming the first in its competitive set to take these steps and register as a campaign service provider (CSP) in The Campaign Registry, Widewail is following the latest industry best practices, ensuring its customers’ registered campaigns are fully supported in deliverability and overall performance.

Widewail is proud to take these steps and is committed to staying on top of changes in the industry in order to deliver the best solution to our customers,” says Matt Murray, founder and CEO of Widewail. “The landscape of application-to-person messaging is rapidly changing. Businesses that aren’t working with providers that understand and react to these changes are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.”

Free to its customers, Widewail is bundling this new layer of service and protection into its existing packages.

“We're absorbing the cost of integration because we are that confident it will benefit our customers,” says Murray.

For more information about The Campaign Registry and Widewail and their services, please visit www.campaignregistry.com and www.widewail.com, respectively.

About Widewail

Widewail began as the first company to focus solely on search optimization via managed online review response. Today, Widewail’s suite of solutions leverages automation and industry expertise to drive and directly manage customer and prospect conversations in both consumer reviews and social media, improving local search rankings. Widewail builds trust between local businesses and the communities they serve. For more information, please visit https://www.widewail.com/.

Media Contact:


Jake Hughes

Marketing Manager

E: jake@widewail.com


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Jake Hughes

I’m the Director of Marketing here at Widewail, as well as a husband and new dad outside the office. I'm in Vermont by way of Boston, where I grew the CarGurus YouTube channel from 0 to 100k subscribers. I love the outdoors and hate to be hot, so I’m doing just fine in the arctic Vermont we call home. Fun fact: I met my wife on the shuttle bus at Baltimore airport. Thanks for reading Widewail’s content!

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