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December 7, 2020

Widewail and EmpowerFi Announce Partnership, Offering a Suite of Reputation Management Solutions to Credit Unions

Widewail and EmpowerFi announce partnership, teaming up to provide reputation management services to credit unions, big and small. The Widewail team is thrilled to be working with EmpowerFi and is looking forward to an impactful 2021.



We are pleased to announce our partnership with EmpowerFi, bringing the power of high-touch reputation management services to credit unions across the United States.


Today, more than ever, it is critical to activate the voice of your happy members, automatically asking for reviews via text and responding to feedback on Google, Facebook, and many other review sites. Prospects are using reviews to decide if your credit union is the right choice, and search engines are using the same feedback to determine if your listing should be shown at the top of the pack. 


In partnership with Widewail, EmpowerFi is pleased to now offer a full suite of reputation management solutions to its credit union clients: automated review generation via SMS, fully managed review response, and managed social media engagement. 


EmpowerFi"We are very excited to partner with EmpowerFi to bring reputation management to credit unions across the country. The team at EmpowerFi are innovators and leaders in the credit union world, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to join forces,” said Matt Murray, Widewail Founder and CEO.









Hilary Reed EmpowerFi“Our partnership is a win-win for both credit unions and the members they serve - credit unions will drive impactful member growth through increased visibility in local search, and members get to hear directly from their peers and neighbors before making decisions. A comprehensive reputation management strategy addresses the credit union's need for review volume, frequency, quality, and response - ultimately helping EmpowerFi clients outrank the competition,” said Hilary Reed, CEO of EmpowerFi.





“Widewail and EmpowerFi’s combined expertise is strongly positioned to help drive impactful member growth and we are looking forward to 2021 and beyond,” said Murray.



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