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Try This Technique When Responding to Positive Reviews (Example from Google)


You know what good customer service is. The same applies online.

As an added bonus, this techniques will persuade your prospects.

Here’s an example of a real-life customer review I pulled off Google, and Widewail’s response.

Review: 5-stars

Great experience with Brand X. I found the car I was looking for on their website. They quickly confirmed that it was available and set up an appointment for a test drive. I worked with Justin. Justin was very professional, helpful, and easy to work with. Car was detailed and registered at the time of the scheduled pickup. Process was easy and smooth.

Positive Review Example

Alright, so, why does this work?

This response checks the boxes for three important positive review response tactics.

1) It’s personal. Repeating the name of the employee listed in the review.


2) It reiterates the company values mentioned by the reviewer - "timely communication, professionalism, detailed, and registered for pickup.

You probably have company values right? Put them here.


3) It includes the store name and a prompt for the reviewer to come back for another service.

Your brand name is a keyword. The customer will get an email with the contents of your response, so plant the seed for future business.


Finally, the emphasis is placed on saying thank you. 

Customers with positive experiences have limited motivation to post a review, so it is important to show your appreciation.

What you should steal: “Thank you so much for sharing” acknowledges the extra effort this customer put forth on the business’s behalf to leave a review.