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May 11, 2021

Local Marketing Insider #007 // Pinterest 2021 Trends Report

Pinterest keywords capture the collective imagination and are littered with trending ideas. Learn how to use these unique ideas now to set your local marketing apart.

This week I stumbled upon Pinterest’s 2021 Trends report

It’s marketed as the “not-yet-trending” report.

Consumers use Pinterest to plan, dream, and explore. The resulting keyword trends can reasonably be used to predict what consumers “likely will be into” 6 months from now. Hence, "not-yet-trending".

Well, the report was written at the beginning of the year, so in theory, these trends are starting to become a reality now. 

Scanning through the report, I’ve pulled out the categories and keywords that are relevant thought starters for local businesses. 

Housekeeping: I’ve put the top-level headlines as industries so you can skip to the ideas most relevant to your work - but I would encourage you to read them all, here's why: 

Copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz said “A better word for ‘creativity’ is ‘connectivity.’” 

I agree and find creativity can come from random connections. Put together different content and experiences to create unique ideas.


“Getaway car”

Parking space is the new personal space

We all just need to get out of the house sometimes. In 2021, cars become the new third space. A safe place to hang out, explore, try new things.

Pinterest trending terms:

  • Car date night +200%
  • Car man cave +115%
  • Drive-in cinema +190%
  • Dog car seats +100%
  • Car survival kits +60%

Local marketing ideas:

  • Instead of more traditional situations, use language or imagery related to these keywords in your content and ads.
  • When dropping off a sold vehicle include a “car date night” or “car man cave” kit.
  • If you do something like idea #2, mention any unique experiences in review request copy, prompting buyers to post unique review content, helping your business stand out.


“Nomad normal”

Nomadding is the new jet setting

Air travel is problematic. International travel is not on the table. To cope, people are using the car and remote work to explore. National parks, cabins in the woods, new locations out of the city and in the outdoors.

Pinterest trending terms:

  • Wildflower field +165%
  • RV accessories +40%
  • Motorcycle tent +100%
  • Couple stargazing +165%

Local marketing ideas:

  • Use a sunset-lit wildflower field as a destination or imagery in marketing content.
  • Offer a motorcycle camping add-on package to motorcycle sales.
  • Find all the best stargazing spots within a couple of hours of your business and put together a guide. Or marketing your Car/Motorcycle/RV as a great choice to make that stargazing plan happen.
  • Market a moonroof as a great way to stargaze. Or a motorcycle’s lack of roof as a better option.


“Hypothetical sabbatical”

Away dreams are the new daydreams

Consumers are hungry for a vacation, but not just any vacation, a dream vacation. After months at home and armed with a wad of credit card points, buyers are ready to tick off that bucket list trip.

Pinterest trending terms:

  • Luxury vacation +50%
  • Dream vacation +7000%
  • Honeymoon pictures romantic +55%
  • Mountain travel +35%
  • Forest resort +100%

Local marketing ideas:

  • Promote the epic dream vacation experience, not the affordable option.
  • Dream hideaway options are attractive right now
  • Use the keyword “Dream vacation”

“Invest in rest”

Sleep care is the new self-care.

Pinterest trending terms:

  • Sleep blends for diffuser +80%
  • Before sleep workout +300%
  • Silk sleepwear +60%
  • Sleep yoga +90%

Local marketing ideas:

  • Add a “sleep yoga” class at your spa

Home Services

“More door”

Cloffice (closet-office) is the new home office

Pinterest trending terms:

  • Cloffice ideas +200%
  • Home library design +700%
  • Bookshelf room divider +150%
  • Modern mudroom +200%
  • Computer gaming room +600%

Local marketing ideas:

  • Home how-to videos kill it on youtube. Similar to recipe videos, it’s a great medium for home improvement content and online reputation management. Especially if you already create video content for your home services business, these ideas are unique and in high demand.
  • Send out targeted direct mail promoting some of these specific builds. For example, this mailer generated $75k in 3 months:

Thanks for reading Local Marketing Insider. Hopefully one of these keywords will give you inspiration.

If you enjoyed this issue please share it with friends or colleagues.

See you in 2 weeks - Jake, Marketing @Widewail


Jake Hughes

I’m the Director of Marketing here at Widewail, as well as a husband and new dad outside the office. I'm in Vermont by way of Boston, where I grew the CarGurus YouTube channel from 0 to 100k subscribers. I love the outdoors and hate to be hot, so I’m doing just fine in the arctic Vermont we call home. Fun fact: I met my wife on the shuttle bus at Baltimore airport. Thanks for reading Widewail’s content!

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