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December 4, 2020

Reviews more important than traditional ads? AutoSuccess Podcast 676

Matt Murray, Widewail CEO, joins Thomas Williams on the AutoSuccess podcast to talk about the importance of online customer reviews for car dealers in 2020.


Whether managing in-house, or outsourcing to a trusted vendor, online customer business review management must be a mission-critical focus for every dealership's digital marketing efforts in 2020 and beyond. Matt Murray, Widewail Founder/CEO, joins Thomas Williams on the AutoSuccess podcast to talk about the importance of online customer reviews for car dealers in 2020.

Discussion points:
- How do online reviews impact Google's local rankings?
- What are some ways dealers can boost their rankings?
- How can dealers encourage more happy customers to leave reviews?
- Do you think that reviews are more important than traditional ads?
- Give an example of a dealer that has improved its sales and reputation by implementing a reputation management strategy.


Listen on AutoSuccess.

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Jake Hughes

I’m the Director of Marketing here at Widewail, as well as a husband and new dad outside the office. I'm in Vermont by way of Boston, where I grew the CarGurus YouTube channel from 0 to 100k subscribers. I love the outdoors and hate to be hot, so I’m doing just fine in the arctic Vermont we call home. Fun fact: I met my wife on the shuttle bus at Baltimore airport. Thanks for reading Widewail’s content!

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