BMW and MINI Endorse Widewail

By Matt Murray - Founder/CEO

Widewail has been endorsed by BMW and MINI as part of their Certified Social Media & Reputation Management program. We are honored to be included in this program and applaud the teams at BMW and MINI for understanding the mission of Widewail and the value we will provide their dealers.


BMW and MINI know, at their core, that Luxury = Product + Experience. Widewail is obsessed with ensuring that customers who post online reviews for BMW and MINI locations are acknowledged, whether they stopped by to praise a sales representative or express frustration after a less-than-perfect visit. As the only provider in the industry focused solely on managed engagement solutions, we take our responsibility to improve customer-business relationships seriously.  

It’s accepted that pre-purchase research and vehicle consideration have become distributed across third-party websites, regional portals, brand sites, Google and other social media. Modern customer service is distributed in the same way. The endless opportunity for online interaction creates a tangible, operational issue for any local business. How can you monitor and respond to feedback coming from multiple sources in a timely manner? Is the store expected to staff specifically with online engagement in mind? A service like Widewail is the simple solution.


Online engagement brings with it many additional benefits: increased local search ranking, improved CSI/SSI/NPS scores, customer loyalty, and enhanced reputation. Engaging with your patrons beyond the brick-and-mortar also encourages word-of-mouth referrals. Think about the last time a brand or store interacted with you online - did you tell your friends and family about it?  We’re betting you did. At Widewail, we support local companies’ efforts to care for their customers online while simultaneously helping to grow their business.

Thank you to the BMW and MINI teams for recognizing the benefits of online engagement. We look forward to supporting more BMW and MINI dealers!